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Lightroom Workshops – 2019


Lightroom 1:  The Library Module …. Getting Organized

November 16, 2019

This workshop is designed for new users of the program or those who have used it, but want to better understand and take advantage of its organizational benefits.

We will concentrate on understanding the structure of Lightroom and learning how to organize and maintain your photo collection before effectively using the software to develop your images.

Key topics we’ll address fully:

  • Initial folder structure decisions
  • Getting to know the main Lightroom interface and the ‘Library’ module
  • Take the first step in getting organized – setting up your folders
  • Importing photos
  • Working from external hard drives
  • Backing up your catalog & your photos
  • Organizing through ratings, flags, colours, collections, keywords
  • Sorting & filtering
  • Deleting photos 

Lightroom 2:  The Develop Module

November 29, 2019

Now that your image catalogue is organized, it’s time to move on to the fun part…..non-destructively developing your photographs and preparing them for the web or for printing.  Once you understand the ‘Develop’ module interface and how it relates to an efficient photo development workflow, you’ll learn how to:
  • Make ‘global’ and ‘local’ adjustments with the Basic panel’s tools
  • Adjust Contrast using various tools
  • Crop non-destructively
  • Effectively use the Hue/Saturation/Luminance Panel
  • Reduce noise and sharpen, for both custom adjustments and output
  • Add a Vignette and discovering Dehaze in the Effects Panel
  • Fixing Lens Distortion and eliminate Chromatic Aberration
  • Easily convert images to Black & White
  • Batch process and make your own Presets
  • and more

Lightroom 3:  The Develop Module Advanced

December 14, 2019

Now you’re comfortable with Lightroom’s organizational and image developing tools, but you need more help with fine-tuning your images and using the available tools.  We’ll review the Develop Module and then I’ll work with each participant to take your image processing skills to the next level. 

Cost for Each Workshop:  $75

Maximum No. of Students:  8

Location:  All workshops are held in my home studio at 141 Cromwell Ave., Oshawa  L1J 4T5

What to Bring:  

  • A laptop (iMac is OK too) loaded with a current version of Lightroom.  If you do not have Lightroom or a current version, you can download a free 30-day trial version from Adobe here:  
  • 3 to 6 files on a camera card, preferably RAW (will also be used during the ‘Lightroom 2 – The Develop Module’ workshop)
  • Your own lunch or slip over to the Oshawa Centre Foodcourt (less than 5 minutes away) – 45 minute lunch break

What is Provided:

  • Coffee, tea and muffins in the AM
  • Refreshments in the afternoon
  • Demonstration files
  • The full presentation downloaded to your computer

Registration (sorry, but I don’t have on-line registration or e-commerce set up yet):

  • Register by phone (905-728-4440) or email (
    • Full payment is due upon registration
  • Payment options
    • E-transfer
    • Send a cheque or money order payable to Leif Petersen at 141 Cromwell Ave., Oshawa, ON  L1J 4T5
  • Registration Deadlines
    • Watch for a fall workshop schedule


“I really enjoyed your presentation of ‘Lightroom for Newbies’.  I thought you covered a lot of material efficiently and did an excellent job.  I was busy on the weekend, so haven’t yet tried to work with the program, but I feel the notes you provided will be enough to get me through it.  And that’s saying a lot, as most workshop notes just make more questions.”

“Enjoyed part 2 of Lightroom as much as part 1 and noticed you didn’t let it get sidetracked.  I thought you did a great job presenting a lot of material, fielding questions and keeping it moving and on track.  Well done.  I did work through an image, in Lightroom, to see if I could follow the notes for things I didn’t know how to do.  I didn’t have any problem finding the information I needed to get it done.”

“Great stuff!  I enjoyed your presentation style and was able to follow the steps as you presented them.”

“The workshop was great.  The material was well-organized and had enough detail so we can use it as reference as we continue using this program.  It certainly answered many of my questions.  Your presentation style was also very good.  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and thank you for letting me use your PC!”

“Thank you very much for two very informative LR sessions!!  For myself, it was great to reinforce adjustments I use & I did manage to learn some new things that I had not used before.  There’s certainly a lot of material to cover.  Your notes were thorough & will serve as an excellent reference.  You certainly were well prepped for your sessions!!  I’m sure that everyone attending appreciated all your hard work & practical pointers!!  Thanks again.”

“Congratulations on your workshop, Leif.  You worked really hard….kept your cool, answered all questions and admitted the ones you didn’t know, were well prepared and provided a perfect location.”