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Is this a photo workshop or a guided tour?

This is a tour.  All photography will be done in the field.  We will not be holding formal classroom sessions; however, Leif, Mike and Hans are experienced photographers and can help with technical photography related questions.  Leif and Hans speak Norwegian fluently and they all know the area well.

Do I need to be an advanced photographer to join a tour?

No, novice and intermediate photographers are welcome.  Instruction is available as we are photographing in the field.  Please contact us if you have any questions about how your photographic abilities will fit in the tour:

What equipment and items should I bring? 

All participants will receive a list outlining equipment and items to bring.

When is the balance of my photo adventure payable? 

Full payments and remaining balances due are payable not less than 30 days prior to the tour departure.  Bank e-transfers are preferred; however, cheques and money orders are acceptable.  PayPal credit and debit payment options are not available yet.

What currency is used in Norway and how does it compare to Canadian $’s?

The currency is Norwegian Krone (NOK); 1 Canadian $ = 6.50 krone.  Dividing by 6 is a quick calculation for arriving at the approximate Canadian $ value of something you’re considering buying.

Should I bring Norwegian Krone with me or how do I get it there?

It’s a good idea to buy some krone before the trip, either from your bank or Continental Currency, so that you have some ‘walk around cash’.  ATM machines are readily available in banks, malls, etc., as they are at home.

How much should I budget for airfare? 

The international and in-country airfare is estimated at a total of Cdn. $2,000.

How many flights will we be on? 

Getting to Oslo and the trip home involve 1 stop (Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Amesterdam, Frankfurt, Brussels, Munich are possibilities….not Heathrow or a US airport).  

Domestically, the approx. 2.5 hr. flights between Oslo and Stokmarknes/Leknes normally involve a stopover in Bodø; however, for the trip north, we will try to arrange for the new direct flights between Oslo and Stokmarknes.  The flights between Bodø and Stokmarknes/Leknes are 20-25 minutes and the view is excellent. 

Is there a single supplement? 

Yes, but it applies only to the 4 hotel nights in Oslo.  The single supplement is Cdn. $500.  With regards to the cabins in the north, we endeavour to provide private rooms for everyone; however, depending on the number of registrants, we may have to ask someone to share a room.

What if my camera breaks during the workshop? 

Bring an extra camera body with you, if you have access to one.  Otherwise, we will do our best to ensure that all is not lost.

Why should I buy travel insurance? 

We highly recommend buying travel insurance.  Should there be a last minute emergency or an unexpected situation and the tour has to be cancelled, Leif Petersen Photography is not responsible for any travel costs or lossess incurred.

What happens if I have to cancel my tour reservation? 

Please refer to our Cancellation / Refund Policy on the ‘Information and Terms of Agreement’ page.

What meals are available during the tour?  I am a vegetarian or vegan or have specific allergies.

Please let us know your requirements in advance and we will do our best to find local restaurants, with meals suitable to your needs.  We may not be able to cater to all special dietary restrictions, so we suggest you bring any necessary food and supplements that may not be available in northern Norway.

What do I do if a tour is full? 

We will add you to a waiting listing or future tour list.

What happens if my flight is cancelled or delayed for the tour? 

Should your flight be delayed or cancelled, we will do everything we can to ensure your trip will still be a success. Contact us and let us know the situation and we will do our best to accommodate you, while continuing the tour with the rest of the group.

What happens if my tour is cancelled due to natural disasters, political instability or other circumstances? 

Keeping our clients safe and out of harm’s way is our priority. Should Leif Petersen Photography decide to cancel a tour due to natural disasters or political instability in the region, we will refund your payments. We stay in contact with you prior to the tour and will create an alternative tour for participants.  Keep in mind, though, that Norway is a very politically stable country and often rated as the best country in the world in which to live.

What guarantees do I get?

We can’t guarantee the weather, but then you can’t guarantee that you’ll have good weather if you stay home.  We do, however, have no doubt that you’ll have the trip of a lifetime.

What is the form of transportation while we are in the Lofoten Islands?

We will be traveling in 9-passenger, diesel fueled vehicles, which are very comfortable.  Our goal is to have 5-6 photographers in each van, so there’s lots of room for equipment.

Will we be on the water?

The tour will begin with a 7 hour sailing on one of the ships in the Hurtigruten line (  We will depart from Stokmarknes, in the Vesterålen Islands, at 3:00 PM and arrive in Stamsund at 10:00 PM.  The ship takes us through the 2 island groups and into fjords, with a couple of stops along the way.  It’s a breathtaking experience!  We may also take a RIB to the island of Tørnholmen, a few hundred meters from the Stamsund docks.

Can I do any mountain hiking?

You certainly can and we will try our best to accommodate anyone who wants to do that.  There are a couple of mountain hikes in and around Stamsund that will give you great views, with excellent panoramic photo opportunities.

Will I see the midnight sun?

In the summer tour, yet; not in the fall months.

What happens when the tour is over? 

Of course, we will want to see your incredible photographs and, with your permission, we will post them only on this website along with credit to you as the photographer. You will be asked to complete a customer survey and, in order to keep improving our level of customer service and photo tours, we appreciate all comments.

Can I bring a non-photographer or friend, spouse, significant other? 

The tour is aimed at photographers and first consideration will be given to them.  Space permitting, non-photographer friends, spouses and significant others will be welcome.  Norway is a very popular vacation destination, so everyone will enjoy the tour.  Many of the places have alternative activities for the non-photographer to enjoy.

Do you provide other tours or workshops? 

The ‘Lofoten Islands Photo Tours’ include the ‘Midnight Sun Photo Tour’, in summer, and ‘Fall in the Lofoten Islands.  A fall 2019 tour to northern India is being planned.  We also offer other photography based workshops on subjects such as Lightroom, B&W photography, Fine Art Printmaking Mat Cutting and Water Gardens.  Click on the button below for full details.

2017/18 Workshops


Can my son or daughter travel with me, if they are under 18 years old? 

No, we do not accept anyone under 18 years of age.

Can I have my photographs printed by you?

Absolutely!  I provide printing, matting and framing services as well.  I have an Epson large format printer, so I can handle all of your print needs on both photographic paper and canvas.  Please email if you have any further questions about that, whether or not you are on the tour.