Day 11: September 30 – Skifjord, Fygle, Leknes

This is not a big photography day.  I went out about 8:00, but didn’t go far, just to the tidal pool/marsh area of Skifjord and the cemetery for some sunrise shots.   I was back […]

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Day 10: September 29 – Stamsund, Steine, Myrland

Another early morning after another late night – up at 5:00, out the door and 5:30 and up Bjørnhalsen overlooking the small Stamsund harbour to catch the sunrise.  It was well worth the early morning […]

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Day 9: September 28 – Storfjord, Steine

I was out of the house shortly after 7:00 and, since it had been a cool, damp night, I was hoping for lots of ground mist on the hills leading down to Storfjord and across […]

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Day 8: September 27 – Gimsøy, Myrland, Stamsund

Another sunny, beautiful day in this Arctic paradise.  I was up and our early this morning for a drive toward Henningsvaer, a popular small town across Storfjorden, as the crow flies; however, as a car […]

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Day 7: September 26 – Balstad

I started the day very early:  up at 5:00, met Hans at his house at 5:45 to drive to Balstad, which is about 20 minutes away.  We parked at the school and then walked to […]

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Day 6: September 25 – Storfjord, Unstad,

I started this photo day about 8:00 taking a hike up into the hills overlooking Storfordsvatnet (2 fresh water lakes), Storfjorden and Skifjorden, with the mountain, Vågakallen, in the distance.  This view is my favourite […]

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Day 5: September 24 – Kartfjorden, Bjørnsand, Unstad

I didn’t break any records getting up this morning, but I was out of the house about 8:00 and heading to a favourite spot of mine to take photo groups:  Kartfjorden, with Kartstaven mountain in […]

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Day 4: September 23 – Stamsund, Myrland, Vestfjord, Høynes

Another good night’s sleep and up at 5:15.  It had rained overnight and was still very foggy/cloudy out.  About 6:30, while sitting on the couch having my morning tea, I could see a reddish glow […]

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Day 3: September 22 – Stamsund, Leknes, Karijorda, Steine, Utakleiv & Storfjord

It turns out that the Aurora was very visible last night between 11:15 and 11:30 and the sunrise was spectacular too;  however, I was dead to the world by 11:00 and didn’t get up until […]

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Day 1 & 2: September 20/21 – Enroute to Stamsund….Arrival

I arrived at Toronto’s Pearson Airport in lots of time for my 5:55 PM flight to Munich and on to Oslo.  I took advantage of my Aeroplan 50K Elite status for easy check-in, cooled my […]

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