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Day 4 – St. Neots and Cambridge

OK, that’s the last day we’re going to sleep in!  Mike and Jackie had an early and fast start to the day, but we had a slow start.  That’s what vacations are for, right? Jackie […]

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Day 3 – St. Neots and Cambridge

We had a good night’s sleep to catch up on the jet lag.  Jackie had already left for work when I got up at 7:00-ish and Mike was off a while later.  Bonnie got a bit […]

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Day 2 – Heathrow to St. Neots

The flight over was uneventful….the best kind of flights to have.  The seats were certainly comfortable, although I like Air Canada’s Executive First seat bed configuration better.  But then, beggars can’t be choosers.  Bonnie slept […]

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Day 1 – Off to Jolly Old England

We’ve been looking forward to this trip for months.  It began with my son, Mike, inviting us to spend a week with he and his partner, Jackie, at a cottage in the Lake District.  They […]

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