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Day 14 – Last Day….Heading to the Airport

Well, this is it, departure day.  We packed quite a lot into this UK holiday: Time very well spent with Mike and Jackie at their St. Neots home 3 wonderful visits with Izzy, Maddy, Eleanor and Jonathan […]

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Day 13 – Goodbye to the Granddaughters

This is a special day:  our last visit with Isabelle and Madeleine and an afternoon/BBQ dinner with Jackie’s family. We were up early so that we wouldn’t miss the 9:33 X5 bus into Cambridge.  That […]

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Day 12 – Goodbye to The Lakes

We were all up early this morning getting ready for our 10:00 departure. No time for long walks, although it would have been good on yet another sunny, warm morning.  We packed our suitcases, had breakfast, packed […]

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Day 11 – A Walk Through the Forest….and a Damn Fine Pub Lunch/Dinner

This is our last full day in the Lake District.  The weather has been perfect every day and although today is supposed to be a bit cooler at about 15C, it was a bright blue […]

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Day 10 – A Long, Steep Climb

Up and out at the crack of dawn!!  Not!!  Today was planned to be an easy day for Bonnie and Jackie, while Mike and I drove to Hard Knott for a few hours of photography. […]

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Day 9 – A Day of Relaxation….for Some of Us

I can’t seem to get past 6:00 AM!  There was no point in fighting it, so I got up, went downstairs and opened the computer to finish up the financial report, which took only a […]

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Day 8 – Circling the Waters

The day got off to what has become our usual start….we’re in no big rush.  I’m often the first one up, not that I do much once I’m up, but Mike and Jackie are up […]

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Day 7 – Destination Buttermere

This promised to be another good day, with the weather forecasted for sunny and 26C.  We are the luckiest people when it comes to weather on vacation….I hope I haven’t jinxed it! Another leisurely get-up […]

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Day 6 – The Lake District on Mother’s Day

Our first day of exploring the Lake District started off easy.  Mike and Jackie are up about 7:00 each morning to take the dogs out for a walk.  I was up shortly after 6:00, but […]

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Day 5 – St. Neots to Lake Windermere – The Lake District, Cumbria

Today we were up early getting ready to leave for Lake Windermere by 9:30.  We loaded suitcases, clothing, boots, photography equipment, groceries, a portable BBQ, books, maps into a rooftop carrier and a trailer, 2 dogs […]

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