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The 3rd Grønbech Family Reunion


Day 16: July 22 – Oslo > Frankfurt > Toronto > Oshawa

Our final day in Oslo!  We’re going home! We took advantage of our free breakfast at the Plaza Hotel and a very good breakfast it was.  We then checked out of the hotel, walked back […]

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Day 15: July 21 – Stamsund > Leknes > Bodø > Oslo

Today’s blog is quite easy to write, since we had one plan for the day after packing:  drive to the Leknes airport, fly to Bodø, fly to Oslo. We woke up early this morning to the […]

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Day 14:  July 20 – Stamsund > Nusfjord > Haukland > Leknes > Stamsund

What???!!! A sunny day???!!!  The weather forecasters made good on their promise!  We were all up early, washed, fed and getting into the boat by 9:00 AM. The plan for today was a drive to […]

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Day 13: July 19 – Stamsund > Flakstad > Reine > Å > Stamsund

Well, we didn’t get the sunny, warm day that we were expecting, but at least it wasn’t raining.  We were on our way to the boat and across to the mainland about 10:30.  We took […]

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Day 12: July 18 – Stamsund > Leknes > Stamsund

Surprise… was a cold, rainy day; however, as someone told us recently, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothes. Regardless, we stayed in for most of the day rather than subject Randi to a slide […]

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Day 11: July 17 – Stamsund > Høynes > Haukland > Borge > Unstad > Stamsund

It was a full day and, unfortunately, it was raining a lot when we got up.  The first activity on the agenda was the final reunion get together in a hall at Haukland.  We left the […]

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Day 10: July 16 – Stamsund > Vikten > Buksnes > Stamsund

It seems that our normal routine now is to take our time getting up, take our time having breakfast and take our time getting ready for the excursion to main dock to get to the […]

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Day 9: July 15 – Stamsund > Leknes > Stamsund

We took our time getting going this morning, since we knew we’d be out late and we’re trying to make only one boat trip on and off Tørnholmen.  Here’s Bonnie’s very apt description of this […]

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Day 8:  July 14 – Stamsund > Leknes > Haukland > Stamsund > Uttakleiv > Stamsund

It’s a big day today, well at least for Matt and I:  we’re off to hike up Mannen, a mountain overlooking the Vik and Haukland beaches. The 4 of us left the island at 10:30 […]

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Day 7:  July 13 – Stamsund > Henningsvær

We all had a good sleep-in today!!  When I was up during the night, I caught the view of the sun shining on the buildings through the round window in the front door.  I was awake […]

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