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Fall and Aurora Borealis photography in the Lofoten Islands, Northern Norway


Day 15: October 4 – Sandvika to Canada!!

My last get up!! Up bright and early for tea and a quick open faced sandwich.  Harald accompanied me to the train station and I was off to the airport for my 10:00 flight to […]

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Day 14: October 3 – Oslo, Moss, Sandvika

Today, my plan is to visit with my cousin, Harald, and his wife, Gerd, in Sandvika.  Even is off to his Freemason meeting, in Trondheim, so Harald is picking me up.  Last night, I had […]

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Day 13: October 2 – Oslo

I had a relaxing day with Even and Grethe.  Even is a member of the Norwegian Freemasons and tomorrow he’s flying to Trondheim with the Master Mason for a meeting.  We drove into the city […]

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Day 12: October 1 – Leaving Lofoten and On to Oslo

In true fashion, I’ve left my packing until today.  I did laundry the other day, so I have clean cloths to put in my suitcase.  I did a general clean-up in the house – floor […]

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Day 11: September 30 – Skifjord, Fygle, Leknes

This is not a big photography day.  I went out about 8:00, but didn’t go far, just to the tidal pool/marsh area of Skifjord and the cemetery for some sunrise shots.   I was back […]

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Day 10: September 29 – Stamsund, Steine, Myrland

Another early morning after another late night – up at 5:00, out the door and 5:30 and up Bjørnhalsen overlooking the small Stamsund harbour to catch the sunrise.  It was well worth the early morning […]

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Day 9: September 28 – Storfjord, Steine

I was out of the house shortly after 7:00 and, since it had been a cool, damp night, I was hoping for lots of ground mist on the hills leading down to Storfjord and across […]

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Day 8: September 27 – Gimsøy, Myrland, Stamsund

Another sunny, beautiful day in this Arctic paradise.  I was up and our early this morning for a drive toward Henningsvaer, a popular small town across Storfjorden, as the crow flies; however, as a car […]

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Day 7: September 26 – Balstad

I started the day very early:  up at 5:00, met Hans at his house at 5:45 to drive to Balstad, which is about 20 minutes away.  We parked at the school and then walked to […]

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Day 6: September 25 – Storfjord, Unstad,

I started this photo day about 8:00 taking a hike up into the hills overlooking Storfordsvatnet (2 fresh water lakes), Storfjorden and Skifjorden, with the mountain, Vågakallen, in the distance.  This view is my favourite […]

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