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Our cruise to Bermuda with Geoff & Nancy Phillips


Day 10 – We’re Home….Vacation is Over

Ahhhh, a good night’s sleep….not!  There was a soccer tournament and a wedding, so the hotel was busy.  That wasn’t so bad, but we had a room by the side door and people were in […]

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Day 9 – Arrival in Boston

We had set the alarm for an early start this morning at 6:45.  The ship was pulling into the Boston shipyard, so we didn’t have long to go before disembarking.  All we had time for […]

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Day 8 – A Full Day at Sea

Our plan for the day was pretty much relaxation, although I did start it with 6 laps around the Promenade Deck, so 1.5 miles.  I went back to the room to pick up Bonnie for […]

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Day 7 – Farewell Bermuda …. Out to Sea!

For whatever reason, I woke up early, before 5:00.  I tried to get back to sleep, but no such luck.  I finally quite fighting it about 5:40, got up and dressed then headed down to […]

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Day 6 – Around Bermuda’s Fish Hook

We got up for an 8:30 breakfast on the Lido deck and after collecting cameras, etc. from our rooms, went out to the street to meet our tour guide, Anthony Gorham.  He was right on […]

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Day 5 – Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day was formerly known as Empire Day or Heritage Day and, in the past, was held mainly to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday, just like Canada.  When Bermuda gained its independence, the holiday became known […]

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Day 4 – Arrival in Bermuda

Another rough night, but not so much because of motion.  The damn wind was howling through the door with a shrill whistle all night and the entrance door was still rattling.  Other than being tired, […]

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Day 3 – Out At Sea

Oh boy, that was a rough night!  During the Captain’s announcement this morning, he reported that the winds were at 65 knots and there were 13 ft. swells.  We could feel the ship going up […]

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Day 2 – Detroit to Boston….Boarding the Veendam!

Up at 6:30 for our 7:00 AM breakfast and off to the Detroit airport at 7:30.  We avoided further construction on I275 and since it was Saturday morning, the traffic was light.  Everything went like […]

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Day 1 – Oshawa > London > Detroit

Friday morning, and we were up bright and early to begin our Bermuda cruise vacation, with our friends, Geoff and Nancy, from London.  The plan was to be on the road to London at 10:00….we […]

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