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Day 13: June 25 – Stamsund > Leknes > Oslo

This is it….the last day in Lofoten!  It’s shaping up to be a very grey, cloudy, rainy day so this is a great day to be leaving. We’re on a direct flight from Leknes to […]

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Day 12: June 24 – Stamsund > Eggum > Bjørnsand > Buksnes

My prayers to the Lofoten weather gods last night paid off!  We had lots of blue sky this morning, with some good clouds in the sky.  We were up at the usual time, but the […]

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Day 11: June 23 – Stamsund > Gimsøy (Vinje, Hov, Vik) > Høynes > Vestresand

Unfortunately, no change in the weather – still 9-11C, grey, some rain – but nothing bad enough to keep us from doing anything on the tour, just a little differently. We were on the road […]

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Day 10: June 22 – Stamsund > Nusfjord > Unstad > Mærvoll

Something strange was happening in the sky when we got up this morning:  there was a blue colour in much of it, of course there were still clouds obscuring the blue in several areas. Breakfast […]

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Day 9: June 21 – Stamsund > Flakstad > Fredvang > Reine > Å >Sund

Woohoo….today we were up, fed and out the door on schedule at 9:15. Just after we finished eating, my 2nd cousin Hans-Christian came to the door.  He’s the guy who owns the island, Tørnholmen, which […]

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Day 8: June 20 – Stamsund > Henningsvær

The plan was to get away by 9:00/9:15 this morning.  We were close….about 10:00.  We all slept well, had a good breakfast and made sandwiches for lunch to take with us.  Temperature-wise it’s been a […]

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Day 7: June 19 – Stamsund > Borge > Vikten

We all got a good night’s sleep, up a bit later than usual.  After a good breakfast of fried eggs and fish cakes, we left the bua about 11:00.    No problem, though, since it was […]

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Day 6: June 18 – Stamsund > Myrland > Utakleiv

Today was forecasted to be quite questionable weather, but it turned out to be very good.  This morning was a chance for everyone, except Merle to catch up on some sleep.  Merle was up and […]

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Day 5: June 17 – Oslo > Bodø > Stokmarknes > Stamsund

Up at 6:30, showered, a quick breakfast and out of the hotel at 7:45 for the short walk to the National Theatre train station.  The 1/2 hour train ride got us to Gardermoen in lots […]

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Day 4: June 16 – Oslo

I managed to get a full night’s sleep, up at 7:00 and up to the 4th floor for breakfast at 7:45.  Boy, were my legs and hips stiff today from all of the walking yesterday!! […]

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