Day 9: May 19 – La Colonica > Lucignano

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Another very cloudy, overcast day with rain off and on most of the day. Bonnie and I made pancakes for breakfast, Cheryl and Bonnie put together a great bowl of soup for lunch and then we didn’t do much….computer stuff, reading and playing crib.

We left the villa about 3:00 PM to go to Lucignano for their May festival. There weren’t many people on the streets when we arrived, so there really wasn’t much happening, since it had been raining most of the day. From what we could figure out, the parade was on again/off again. Regardless, the town was really dressed up with flowers and plants everywhere and coloured flags and banners were hanging from windows, on the walls, railings…everywhere.

We wandered around the streets for a while, then stopped at a wine bar to enjoy a good bottle of red. Many more people had arrived in the town by the time we were back on the street, but still no parade, even though the rain had pretty much stopped. Despite the disappointment of no festival, Lucignano is a nice town to visit. We enjoyed it 4 years ago and it hasn’t lost its appeal. Besides, the festival is on all week and there’s another parade scheduled for Tuesday evening, if it stops raining by then.

We headed back to the La Colonica about 6:30. I wandered around the property for a bit and took a few photos.

When I went back in, Bonnie and I put together a dinner of hamburgers, without the buns, sautéed onions and mushrooms and a vegetable stir fry. It was quite good.

After dinner, we set up Netflix on the TV again and watched a couple of episodes of ‘Northern Rescue’. Then bedtime.

Rain is forecast again for tomorrow, but that’s OK…..we’re not in Oshawa.

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