Day 8: May 18 – La Colonica > Cucina > Monte San Savino

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We woke up this morning to very grey skies. It rained most of the night and, for quite a while, the mountains and much of the Chiana valley were hidden behind clouds. It cleared up a little, but the rain continued off and on. That’s OK though, since we didn’t have any big events planned for today and we were content to spend at least part of the day relaxing at the villa.

I walked out to the end of the property to get a shot of the clouds in the valley and also a few of the magnificent roses just outside our door by the patio.

It was a good morning to get caught up on email and the blog, while Cheryl and Bonnie practiced some ‘legs up the wall’ yoga.

Late in the morning, when the rain had stopped, Cheryl suggested that we go for lunch at one of their favourite restaurants, Ristorante Osteria Del Cacciatore, in Cucina, about 20 minutes or so away.

Another excellent, tasty meal served by Georgianna. The owner, Paolo, who C&C have come to know since they stop there fairly regularly for a meal, brought us a bottle of wine, when he saw that ours was empty.

From there, we continued up the hill toward Castello Di Gargonza, a medieval 17th century castle high in the hills above the walled village of Monte San Savino. Wow! What a great place to wander through and the view down into the Chiana Valley was stupendous. The flora is fully saturated with the rainfall.

Cheryl had asked if it was possible to get a coffee, so the bar was opened for us and, instead, we enjoyed a glass of limoncello.

Lots more walls, doors and windows shots all around this old castle.

Back down in the valley, we went to the grocery store in Monte San Savino to stock up for the next few days. It’s somewhat of a mystery grocery shopping in another country when you can’t read the labels. With the help of Google Translate, we found baking powder that I needed to make a batch of Norwegian pancakes (No, they’re not crepes!!) tomorrow morning.

It was after 6:00 by the time we returned to La Colonica, certainly not hungry enough to have dinner after that great lunch. We moved the 2 couches and the coffee table around for better theatre seating and tuned into Netflix: a Steve Martin and Martin Short special, which was hilarious, and the first episode of ‘Northern Rescue’, which is filmed in Perry Sound, Ontario. It’s quite good.

We’re looking forward to going to La Maggiolata, in Lucignano, tomorrow Sure hope it doesn’t rain as it’s forecasted to do.

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  1. randi Helm May 19, 2019 at 6:16 pm #

    Looks like you’re having a wonderful time! Enjoying the pictures and the blog. Just home from the South Shore. You gotta go back! Best to C&C.

    • Leif Petersen May 20, 2019 at 12:31 pm #

      We’re having a wonderful time, as you can see from the photos and the daily stories. We went to the market in Foiano today. The weather was good and we really enjoyed it and the lunch after. I don’t know if we can struggle through the next 10 days!

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