Day 7: May 17 – La Colonica > Rapalano

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Up and about to another sunny day, reasonably warm at about 20C.

A good breakfast and on the road to the spa at Rapalano, about 30 minutes away: San Giovanni Terme Rapalano.

Great countryside vistas.

The town of Rapalano on the hill.

What a nice place….a complete complex with several pools, a hotel and the spa. At least 2 of the pools were thermal, sulphur and bicarbonate, nice and warm. We relaxed in the pools for at least 1.5 hours and then had lunch in the cafeteria. We went back out to the pools for another hour and then headed back to La Colonica.

Lucky for us the TV here has an HDMI cable attached, so we hooked up my laptop and tuned into Netflix. We chose the movie ‘The Dressmaker’, set in 1926 in a small Australian outback town. Kate Winslet played a young fashion designer who returned to her home town to face her demons, met and fell in love with a guy she knew from her childhood, he died and she burned the town down. Sound like a good movie? It was strange but quite good.

We were pretty much beat by the end of the movie, so called it a day.

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