Day 4: May 14 – Rome

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Well another good night’s sleep, but our plans to be out to catch the HoHo bus didn’t quite work out, as we weren’t out the door again until 11:00-ish, after another breakfast of yogurt, banana and almonds.

Our plan was to walk to the Circus Maximus and Colosseum area, since, according to the map, it’s not a longer walk than to the bus stop. However, by the time we got out on the street and it was a nice day, Bonnie suggested that we explore the streets and alleys of Trastaverre instead. A splendid idea.

There were lots of people out, tourists and the locals, so there was a great variety of activity. We made our way to one of the big piazzas and chose a restaurant for a morning tea and croissant….declicous. We spent a couple more hours wandering around checking out the shops and a few more street shots.

Back at the apartment, we rested our feet for a while sitting on the balcony enjoying a glass of the red wine we had brought back from dinner on Sunday night. Very civilized.

We went out again about 5:00 and headed to the restaurant we had scoped out earlier for dinner – Hostaria Il Vicolo. It was a bit cool outside, but it was early, so we had our choice of seats inside. The waiter set us up at a table by the window, which he opened, so we had the best of both worlds. We split an order of spaghetti carbonara (sauce made of eggs and bacon)….delicious. Bonnie ordered the grilled lamb and I had my favourite, Osso Bucco, which is what drew us to this particular restaurant. When we had checked out their menu earlier during our wandering, the waiter had told us it was “very special” and he was right. During dinner, we enjoyed a bottle of Montepulciano Dabruzzo wine. After dinner, the waiter had turned on the patio heaters and invited us out for a limoncello. If you’ve never had this Italian lemon ligueur, do yourself a favour and try it.

We’re obviously night owls….back at the apartment about 9:30 to pack up our suitcases in preparation for a 9:30 AM pick-up for our train departure from Rome.

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