Day 3: May 13 – Rome

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What a good night’s sleep! We needed that. Up about 8:00 for a leisurely start to the day.

After breakfast, I tackled the shower. It’s one of those that’s in the middle of the tub, but because of a ceiling beam in the way, the shower curtain doesn’t stretch to either side of the tub, so the floor and everything around it was drenched, including the clothes I had left on the floor. Oh well, a minor inconvenience.

We left the apartment about 11:00 and walked across one of the several bridges over the river into the central part of Rome in search of a Hop-On Hop-Off bus stop. We took a leisurely walk along some side streets before getting into the heart of the city.

We saw several HoHo buses going by, but didn’t see any of them stop at an obvious hop on spot. We finally found a ticket outlet and got directions…..just down the street to the right. Right! Not quite that easy, but we finally got there.

The complete ride was about an hour, which took us through the crowded streets past the expected highlights: close to the Vatican, the Colosseum, Neptune’s Fountain, Circus Maximus and a lot of other buildings that we couldn’t identify because the commentary on the bus wasn’t working very well. I managed to get a few shots from the bus.

We got off at the stop closest to the Vatican, walked along the river and ran the gauntlet of hawkers around the Castel Sant’ Angelo and which continued along the road into the Vatican City.

The gift shops/kiosks sell pretty much anything you could imagine, including 2020 priest ‘beefcake’ calendars. The lineup of people waiting to get in was unbelievable. We had absolutely no interested in that, but it was interesting watching the people.

Marco Polo had made the trip with us, so he got in on the photography action. One group of Asians asked me to take a photo of them and then returned the favour by allowing Marco to get a photo with them.

We continued on wandering around the square and got a few more shots of Marco at the Vatican.

He wanted to take a duck in the fountain, but in the end, he was chicken.

He managed to clear everyone out of his way so that he could have his photo taken in front of the Pope’s house.

Before I knew it, he had disappeared. Hey wait, there he is! But who’s that guy with him?

That was enough of that foolishness. We took the long walk – longer than it should have been because I took a wrong turn – back to the apartment. We were beat, so we both had a nap and then went out for dinner. We didn’t go far, just around the corner to a nice little restaurant with very good service. On the way back to the apartment, we couldn’t pass by the gelataria, a couple of doors down from the restaurant, to choose from their great variety of gelato flavours. The ice cream from the general store in Enniskillen is damn good on a hot summer day, but this is better.

When we got back to #21, we managed to stay awake until 10:30 or so….if that’s a day, we’ve had it!

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