Day 20: May 30 – La Colonica > Rome > Oshawa

Our last day! Up at 6:30, packed up the car and departed La Colonica, after saying goodby to Cesare, at 7:20.

The drive to the airport, in Rome, was just over 2 hours. After turning the rental car in, we made our way to the check-in counter, cleared security and found the Casa Alitalia Lounge. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get C&C into the lounge, but after catching the shuttle to the part of the airport that Air Canada departs from, there wasn’t much time for more than a cup of tea and a piece of pizza.

C&C were already on board by the time we got there. The 8.25 hr. flight was smooth, the food was crappy and the 2 movies we watched were good. I think we both got just a few minutes sleep through the entire flight

We landed pretty much on schedule, called Peter, our driver, and we were home about 7:00 PM. It was a long day and we’re beat.

It was an excellent vacation, one of our best. In fact, Bonnie said that it’s the best vacation she’s had. We certainly didn’t go wrong with the food, whether it was eating out or our own meals at the villa, the markets were great, the visits to the several towns were all fun and educational, the scenery was spectacular and, best of all, the company was perfect.

It’s always good to be home, but we’re already thinking about a return.

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