Day 19: May 29 – Marciano Della Chiana > Lucignano

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And yet another overcast, cloudy rainy day. On a positive note, Bonnie’s cough is almost gone.

We stayed in most of the morning, since it was raining quite hard, but about 11:30 we walked into the village to get a gelato at Vivian’s Bar. Unfortunately, the gelato didn’t come out until 1:30. We walked around the streets and it started to rain again. No problem….we brought umbrellas.

Back at the villa, we read for a while, C&C had a game of Cribbage and then Charlie and I walked back to Vivian’s for a gelato. When we returned, Cheryl and Bonnie were napping. A little later, we watched ‘Wine Country’ on Netflix. A good movie….lots of laughs.

By then, it was very close to time to go for dinner at ‘Il Goccino’, in Lucignano. We had been there on our previous trip here, in 2015. We had another excellent meal, which we all split: steak tartar, asparagus and cabbage puree for the appetizers (both very good), pico pasta with porcini mushrooms (I’d eat that for every meal), pork tenderloin (likely the best pork I’ve had) and grill lamb chops (delicious!). I got shots of everything except the main dish, since we all dug into them pretty much the second they hit the table. The Cortona Syrah went down pretty damn smooth as well.

During the meal, the lighting on the clouds and over the Val de Chiana, was spectacular, so I went out on the balcony to get a couple of shots. A partial rainbow even showed up.

Dessert was awesome: a chocolate ball and when hot, rich chocolate was poured over it, the ball collapsed to reveal the gelato inside. Wow!

When we went out on the street after dinner, we heard a band playing, so followed the sound of that. As it turned out, there were 3 bands playing while walking through the streets. They were each a 100 yards or so apart and a band would wait while the one in front of them walked and played. People were marching along behind them, standing at the side of the street to watch, or watching from their doorways and windows, some high up in the buildings. What a treat that was and a perfect, fun way the end the evening.

We returned to La Colonica about 10:30 and, since we were setting the alarm for 6:30 AM for a 7:30 departure to Rome, we went right to bed.

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