Day 18: May 28 – La Colonica > Sinalunga

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Guess what….rain forecast again for today! Our plan for the day was to go to the market at Sinalunga, have lunch at ‘Podere Le Caselle’, return to La Colonica and then later, after dinner, walk down to Vivian’s Bar, in the village, for gelato.

Before leaving for the market, I wandered around the property for a while and took a few shots.

We saw some familiar faces at the market – the butchers that we met at the Pirenza market – and Bonnie bought a new puffy jacket that she had been searching for. We didn’t stay too long.

We arrived at the Podere Le Caselle, the truck stop, just before 1:30, about the same time that 2 bus loads of firemen from cities further north arrived for lunch. They’re in the area for some sort or training or certification program.

This place his quite large and does a booming business, particularly after being named the best truck stop in Italy. The food is excellent, as is the service and the wine.

After that we drove around to check on a couple of photo ops that I had scoped out.

By the time we finished that, it had started raining, so we returned to the villa. We’re each in the middle of reading a book – I believe Charlie is on his 10th or 11th – so that’s pretty much what we did until 7:30-ish. That’s about when the thunderstorm set in, with lots of lightning, black sky and a downpour of rain.

Cheryl and Bonnie collaborated in the kitchen to create an excellent, but not fancy, dinner of leftovers. We shared a bottle of wine over dinner, cleaned up and then set the TV up to watch ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’. What could be more appropriate, and yet ironic, considering the cloud and rain we’ve had. No gelato tonight….maybe tomorrow

One more full day left before flying home.

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