Day 14: May 24 – La Colonica

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Today was forecasted to be a mostly sunny, warm day pushing over 25C, so we had decided last night that, since we’ve been on the move every day, it would be a good day to stay put at La Colonica (pronounced Call-on-ikka) and read, nap, sit in the yard and do nothing….whatever struck us. It would also do Bonnie some good to rest up and kick this cough.

I was up about 6:15, looked outside and could barely see the olive trees for fog. Charlie was up not longer after me. We both read for a while, enjoying our morning tea and coffee, but then I thought this would be a perfect time to wander around the garden and see what was there to photograph. With the heavy fog, I figured that there would be water drops on pretty much everything. I wasn’t disappointed. Not only were their water drops on the plants and flowers – countless roses – but there were fresh spider webs everywhere I looked.

I spent over an hour doing that, then went in for a fresh cup of tea. Bonnie had a rough night with coughing, so she wasn’t up yet and we didn’t see her until after 9:00.

The fog lifted about mid morning and, as promised, it turned out to be a perfect day and we spent the day as planned. We were all on our own for lunch. I, for one, could afford to miss a meal, but the mortadella, fresh pork and fresh bread that Charlie had picked up at the bakery earlier was too hard to resist and made very tasty sandwiches.

We spent the rest of morning and all afternoon doing exactly what we had planned….enjoying the sunshine, reading, C&C playing crib and just generally taking it easy. Later in the afternoon, Bonnie put together a great dinner of stuffed red and yellow peppers, huge ones that we had picked up at the market earlier in the week. Stuffed peppers have become a favourite of ours at Daniel Patrick’s pub back home, and she often makes it pretty much following their recipe. They’re very good, but this time she had to wing it with the ingredients and spices at hand vs. the usual ingredients (taco sauce, etc.) and they were the best….better than DP’s and her own home-made ones. Cheryl did a fine job decorating the plates.

More reading, some computer/iPad work and Charlie working on some sketches, we sat down to watch the last 2 episodes of ‘Northern Rescue’ – it’s questionable whether it will make it into a 2nd season – and then watched an episode of ‘Chef’s Table’ featuring chef, Mashama Bailey, who opens a restaurant in a former segregated bus station, in Savannah, Georgia, and “…pays homage to history as she puts a new spin on Southern food traditions.”. This is the same series as we watched with ‘The Butcher of Tuscany’. They’re very interesting as they tell the story of the person and what events in their life brought them to becoming a successful chef.

All-in-all a good day and we’re planning on another one tomorrow with a trip to La Foce.

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