RMG Exposed – November 24, 2018

‘RMG Exposed’ is an annual photography competition and exhibition presented by Oshawa’s Robert McLaughlin Gallery.  It “is a fine art photography auction and all around good time in support of free arts programming for kids, families and those who face obstacles accessing art.”

I have participated in RMG Exposed a few times in the past.  Each time, my work was selected for the Silent Auction and, in 2015, one of my photographs, ‘The Road Through’ won the Landscape category and did quite well in the Live Auction.

The Road Through (click to enlarge)

A few months ago I was very honoured when Charlotte Hale, RMG’s curator, contacted me to ask if I would accept an invitation to be one of the 10 featured photographers for the Live Auction.  I submitted 12 photographs for Charlotte’s consideration and, in the end, she chose one of my personal favourites, ‘Heavenly Reflection’.  This photograph was from my September 2017 photo trip to my favourite travel destination, and my first home, the Lofoten Islands, in Northern Norway.

Heavenly Reflection (click to enlarge)

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the November 24th event, since I’ve been invited to attend an international photo competition, in Shanghai, China; however, my wife, Bonnie McIntyre, will represent me.  If you’re there, be sure to look her up and say hi.

For complete details, and a look at the other 9 Live Auction entries, please visit the event website:  https://www.rmgexposed.net.  Click on the ‘Live Auction’ tab.




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