Day 9: October 9 – St. Neots > Cambridge

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We woke up to a sunny, warm day, took it easy for a while and I got a few shots of the swans and geese.

Juvenile Swan

Did you know that the Queen owns all of the Mute swans in the UK and she is the only person allowed to eat them?  If the ducks, geese or swans are going by and I step out onto the patio, they immediately make a 90 degree turn and come over looking for food.

We ventured out to Boots for more cheap drugs.  We were feeling reasonably OK, so we caught the 12:30 bus to Cambridge.  The city was bustling with the usual high number of cyclists, students and tourists out on the streets. We made our way from the bus stop on Bridge St. to the market square, where we stopped for lunch at Don Pasquale’s restaurant, one of our usual stops in Cambridge.  We all enjoyed an individual thin crust pizza and a beverage….I even had a Birra Moretti, an Italian beer.  

We wandered around the market for a while, picked up a few things to take for dinner at Isabelle and Maddy’s house:  a round loaf of fresh sourdough bread, some red and white wine and a piece of delicious mature cheddar cheese that I had sampled earlier.  From there we went back to Bridge St. and made arrangements for a 4:00 PM punting tour of the Cambridge College Backs.

Looking Back to the Punt Station

Magdelene Bridge, Magdelene  College

Bridge of Sighs, St. John’s College

Avenue Bridge

Kitchen Bridge, St. John’s College

Kitchen Bridge & Avenue Bridge

Mathematical Bridge, Queen’s College

Bridge of Sighs & Kitchen Bridge

The 45 minute tour had us back in time to catch a cab to the Chesterton Recreation Grounds, where I had arranged to meet up with Eleanor and the girls.  

Maddy was in the middle of her soccer practice, when we arrived, but Isabelle and Eleanor were watching for us and came out to the street to greet us.  Wow, Izzy has grown and matured since we saw her in August, 2017!  She was off to a lifeguard practice session so, when Maddy’s practice was over, we drove to another recreation centre to watch Izzy for about 10 minutes.

We left Izzy there to bike the short distance home and we went on to their house at 99 Union Lane.  Tuesday is the busiest day of the week for them, so Eleanor had prepared spaghetti bolognese sauce ahead of time.  We stayed until about 8:45 and then called a cab to take us to the bus stop for the trip back to St. Neots.  We arrived back at #20 about 10:30 and right to bed.  

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