Day 8: October 8 – St. Neots

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Today we’re going to ignore the fact that we have a cold.  The weather is good, so the plan is to get out and enjoy the day.  

We had some breakfast, sat around for a while and prepared to go out for lunch at noon.  We didn’t go far, just around the corner to the Bridge House, at the end of the St. Neots Bridge.  We all ordered soup from the harried waitress.  We also ordered a jacket potato and onion rings, which, in the end, we wanted to take out (she said they’d have to find something to put it in….I guess to-go boxes aren’t popular), but they never made it to the table.  After watching the people who came in after us get their food, we eventually told them to forget about the extras, paid up and left.

Bonnie and Randi headed off to check out the shops on High St. and I walked across the bridge to Riverside Park, which is across the river from us, to check out the photo ops.  The first shot was from the bridge:  the view of the River Ouse, the townhouses of River Terrace on the left and the Riverside Park on the right.

As I walked along the river, I got shots across to #20, the one in the middle with the green doors on the conservatory, to the left of the white wall.

River Terrace Townhouses

#20 River Terrace

The Colourful Tree We Look at from the Conservatory

House Boats on the River Ouse

I followed the path to the bridge that took me back over the river, through some alleys and close to the Parish Church of St. Mary the Virgin.  

I was back at #20 about 2:30, sat down to read and quickly fell asleep.  The girls were back about 3:30.  The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, napping and dinner.  The evening was taken up watching a couple of movies on Netflix and 15 minutes or so with Maddy on a ‘video chat’.  She’s a cutie!

Runny noses and coughing made it difficult to ignore the colds, but we made it until 10:30.  We’ll all be perfect tomorrow for the bus trip to Cambridge and dinner with Isabelle, Maddy, Eleanor, Jonathan and Sam the cat.

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