Day 7: October 7 – St. Neots

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Unfortunately, our colds didn’t magically disappear overnight but, on the bright side, we have blue skies and sunshine.  The trees across the river were very colourful this morning as the rising sun shone directly on them and their reflections in the calm, River Ouse, were stunning.  

There was lots of sculling activity on the river all morning, in fact, it looked like there was some sort of competition going on.  The numbers on the rowers’ backs gave it away.  That certainly didn’t stop the swans from claiming their fair share of the river.

We saw some British geese this morning.  They look very much like Canada geese, but they are easily identified by the British accent in their honks and they were eating scones.

We went out at 9:40 to walk with Randi to the St. Mary the Virgin Church.  We could hear the bells ringing loudly as soon as we stepped out of #20, but after 10 minutes, enough already!

Mike came over to pick us up at 11:45 and we went back to his house for a hamburger lunch.  Jackie’s parents, Jane and Graham, were there as well.  I hadn’t seen them for a couple of years, so it was good to meet them again.  Mike was leaving on a business trip to Paris and Frankfurt tonight and was being picked up at 4:00 PM, so he drove us back to #20.  He returns on Friday evening.

We were all in need of a nap by the time we got back.  At about 6:00, we walked to the High St. and stopped at the Coach House pub for dinner, then watched a movie on Netflix…..’Wonder’, with Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts….a feel good movie about a kid who was born with a deformed face.

10:00 PM….bedtime.

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