Day 21: October 21 – Stelenbosch > Franschhoek Valley

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I was up at 6:30 this morning, the earliest I’ve been up since we arrived.  Kevin was up shortly after, so we went for a walk up the street to the Dieu Donne Winery, where we were yesterday afternoon.  The light was much better this time, so I got a better shot of the valley.

After breakfast, we drove to Stellenbosch, which is 30-40 minutes over the mountains from Franschhoek.  We made one stop to get a shot of a small cottage along the highway, just outside Franschhoek.  This cottage is also in a painting in our room at the house.  Rather than grape vines, the cottage is surrounded by lavender fields.  Unfortunately, the fields are fenced in with a lock on the gate, but I managed to get a few shots.  Here’s one.

On arrival in Stellenbosch, we parked the car and took a walk checking out several of the stores and galleries.  It should come as no surprise, that I bought a hat, a safari hat, which was 100% made in South Africa.  

I felt much better after buying the hat, because it was like being on safari in the streets of Stellenbosch.  Terrifying (but not as terrifying as the streets of New York)!  Wherever we looked, the streets were being overtaken by herds of wild animals and tribal people!  I was warned of this by several people before coming here!  I could tell you the most hair-raising story about the perils we faced getting back to the car alive, able to escape Stellenbosch and arrive at the Delaire Graff Winery in time for our lunch reservation.

They were coming out of nowhere….

….and the most terrifying messages were scrawled on the building walls….

Phew!  We arrived at the winery only to find a black panther guarding the entrance, but he was friendly and let us in.    

A pair of panthers had followed us to the winery, but they were friendly and, apparently, the male was more intent on other things besides eating us.

What a spectacular setting, restaurant and lunch it was! 

Nice Safari Hat!

Looking Across the Valley to the Tokara Estate Winery

The service was impeccable and the meal was superb.

The Table is Set

The Appetizer: Springbok

The Main Course: Beef

Dessert: Lemon Cake, Ice Cream, White Chocolate

Lesley outdid herself by saving lunch at Delaire Graff Winery until today.  I can’t think of a better way we could have spent our last full day in Frankenschhoek!  

Back at Nooks, we put our feet up and had a well deserved nap.  After that, Kevin and I drove up to Franschoekpas to get sunset shots of the valley.

After doing some packing for tomorrow’s departure, we had a relaxing dinner followed by a relaxing evening until bedtime.

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