Day 20: October 20 – Franschhoek Valley

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On the agenda today is a stop at the weekly Franschhoek market, the annual rare plant sale at the Tokara Wine Estate, pick up the lamb and have lunch at the Boschendal winery and whatever else comes up.

We walked to the market about 9:00 AM and spent about an hour there.  Bonnie bought a couple of things, but all I picked up was a chicken samosa.  Besides that, we saw lots of colour, impressive artisan talent and a good crowd.

We walked back to the house to drop things off and load into the car for the drive to the Tokara Wine Estate, in the Stellenbosch mountains.  We took in the plant sale – Kevin and Lesley picked up several new plants to replace some that had been lost during the drought.  The one that got the most attention was the Clivia.  Sorry, no photos, but it was yellow.

Pinhead Protea

Pinhead Protea

We then toured the fantastic grounds.  The owners open their grounds for this charity event once each year.

We got a few shots of each other with the huge rock sculpture.

From there, we drove to the Boschendal Winery to pick up the lamb for tonight’s BBQ and have lunch.  

We returned to Franschhoek and took a drive up the Franschhoekpas to get a view of the valley from the mountain.  Wow!!  Really impressive and really windy.  The highway passes right below the Franschhoek sign and there’s very little in the way of guard rails all the way up.


Our next stop was at a plot of land that Kevin and Leslie own, which is quite close to their house, but at a higher elevation.  It’s a corner lot, about 900 sq. meters.  They have it on the market now but, in the end, may decide to build another home.  I told Kevin that, if they sell their current house, we get first dibs!

We then drove to the Dieu Donne Winery, which is basically on their street, straight up the mountain from them, so very close.  We walked onto the grounds to see the view down the valley into Franschhoek….very impressive.  The lighting wasn’t great for photography, so we just had a photo taken of Bonnie and I.  Maybe we’ll take another trip up tomorrow.

When we arrived back at Nooks Pied-a-terre, we took it easy for a while and then Kevin began preparing the butterflied leg of lamb, complete with a variety of vegetables, for the BBQ.  We had a good variety of wines to try with the lamb.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  We stretched it out and enjoyed every bit of it.  The few leftovers would be lunch tomorrow.

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