Day 2: October 2 – Ninfield > Royal Tunbridge Wells

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We didn’t rush to get up this morning, had a leisurely breakfast with the 7 of us all together at the table and then we all piled into Mike’s Land Rover Defender for a 1/2 hour drive to Royal Tunbridge Wells, in county Kent, close to the border of East Sussex .  The town started out as a spa destination and “attracted significant numbers of visitors who wished to take the waters.  Though its popularity as a spa town waned with the advent of sea bathing, the town remains highly popular and derives some 30 per cent of its income from the tourist industry.  The town has a population of around 56,500.”  It seems to me that every second store was either a real estate office or a restaurant.

The Group in Royal Tunbridge Wells

We wandered the streets for a while, then found Calverly Grounds, a nice park where we enjoyed our pre-packed lunch.  

Calverly Grounds

Bonnie and Randi found a couple of charity shops to kill a bit of time in, while I looked for photo ops.  When we arrived in the town, I had seen an old church, so I made my way to it.  Construction on The Holy Trinity Church began in 1827 and it was consecrated in 1929.  In 1974, it was declared “redundant to pastoral needs”.  £50,000 was raised to convert the church to the Trinity Theatre

Trinity Theatre

We met up with Mike, Jackie and the boys on the street and headed back to the car park.  We all piled back into the Defender and arrived back at ‘The Byre’ late afternoon.

Dinner, talking, relaxing and kids’ baths occupied the evening.

Nana Bonnie & Benjamin Getting Acquainted

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