Day 19: October 19 – Franschhoek Valley Winery Tour

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Today is winery tour day and its a nice day for it.  Blue sky, not too hot and what a great way to spend the day in the Franschhoek Valley!

At 8:45, we walked into the town centre to buy tickets and have a cup of coffee/tea while we waited for the 10:00 ‘purple’ wine tour tram departure.  

The wineries’ fields and the layers of mountains in the early morning light were spectacular.

First stop Boschendal Winery.  We were dropped off at the The historic Rhodes Cottage, which is framed by old oaks trees and backs onto the Simonsberg mountain.  Just to be sure that I didn’t miss anything, I got lots of shots from several positions and angles.

Lucy, at the gate, arranged for a ride to the main manor house on a golf cart, otherwise, it would have been a 20 minute walk.  

We arrived at the manor house and wandered around the grounds.

There’s a butchery on site with a great selection of meats, cheeses, etc.  Kevin bought a butterflied leg of lamb and arranged to pick it up tomorrow.  Looking forward to the lamb BBQ!  We didn’t do a wine tasting here, but we spent a couple of hours checking out the grounds before catching a ride back to the tram.

We had a look inside the Rhodes Cottage, which was set up for lunch.  It looked really good but, unfortunately, we weren’t staying.

The tram arrived moments after getting back to the pick-up point.  

On Board the Tram at Boschendal Winery

The next stop was the Plaisir du Merle Winery, again, with the Simonsberg Mountain as the backdrop.

Wine Tram at Plaisir du Merle Winery

This is where Lesley had arranged for us to participate in the wine tasting. We bought a few bottles of wine to replenish the dwindling supply back at Nooks Pied-a-terre.  The 4 wines we tried, 2 whites and 2 reds each, were excellent.  Even me, who has lost his wine taste buds, thought they were outstanding and the surroundings were exceptional.  

Enjoying Some Fine Wines

All done!

That pretty much occupied our allotted time until the tram arrived to deliver us to the next winery estate.

Departing from Plaisir du Merle

At the Babylonstoren winery, also famous for it’s kitchen gardens, we had lunch at the greenhouse and spent time walking through there gardens.

Lunch….A Delicious Meat Pie


Photo Taken for Scale….Height Not Width

Winery Visitor

That was it for the winery tour….4 fabulous Franschhoek Valley winery estates.  We caught the tram back to town and then walked back to the house to rest and clean up for dinner.

Leslie had made a 7:30 reservation at La Bon Vivant, which is owned by Pierre, a friend of theirs.  Pierre arrived from Holland in 2002, worked in local restaurant(s) before buying his own dining room.  It’s not a big place, but the menu is excellent, the service was impeccable, the presentation was totally artistic  and our meals were exceptional:  Bonnie and I had ‘fish & chips’ as an appetizer (not like the fish & chips we get at Daniel Patrick’s) and our main course was the venison which, tonight, was Springbok.  

The Appetizer

The Main Course – Venison

Dessert – Fruits

After our dinner, Pierre came out to check on us and had a good catch-up chat with Kevin and Lesley.

We were back at the house about 10:30, totally beat, so off to bed.

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