Day 17: October 17 – Franschhoek

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When Kevin and Lesley come to Franschhoek, they plan to make decorating changes to the house and catch up on maintenance.  They have several repeat guests stay here, so they like for them to see that they’re continuously upgrading.  They are booked pretty much throughout the year, although their winter is slower.  Christmas isn’t a big deal here, since it’s in the middle of summer and very hot, in the 40’s, so there isn’t a lot of decorating done in the town or in their home.  Regardless of the time of year, it’s very quiet here after 10:00 PM.

They scheduled several maintenance jobs today, so they had a few teams:  painting one of the bedrooms, changing the door to the back garden and pool, pool cleaning (done twice per week), painting the roof (that was fun to watch!), house cleaning (done every 3 days with change of bedding and towels), gardening (a lot of their plants were lost in the drought) and repairing the front gate.

We all heard a lot about the drought in South Africa on the news back home.  It was definitely serious, but the country has taken steps to help recover and minimize the chances of it happening again, in the future.  Signs are all over (you begin to see them in the jetway as soon as you get off the plane), some businesses have installed waterless urinals, which apparently save one of the wineries over 100,000 litres of water each year.  The town works off 2 dams, one of which is now full and the other is almost full.

So, we have a much appreciated down day.  It was another warm, sunny one so we started with breakfast by the pool – t’s very bright and colourful, with purple and orange walls, the blue of the pool, many bright succulent plants, the lemon tree, etc.  While we talked and watched the activity around the house, I took a few ‘vignette’ shots around the pool.

We even had an afternoon moon.

Lesley caught a few z’s.

Bonnie and I went for a short walk and stopped at the Pick N Pay to pick up some wine to replenish the stock.

Facing South to the Drackensburg Mountain (Dragon’s Back)

Later on we walked to the Franschhoek Station Pub and Grill for dinner.  This is an historical, protected old building going back to the introduction of the railroad in SA.

We even managed to stay awake until 10:30.

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