Day 14: October 14 – St. Neots

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We were up bright and early this morning.  We had planned to take the girls to Ely today, but with pouring rain, and the fact that our colds were still plaguing us, we decided against that.  Besides, when we thought of going to Ely, we had forgotten that the girls had suitcases and a couple of extra bags of things, so that wouldn’t have been too convenient.  So, in the end, this was dress-up day.  

Bonnie and Randi had brought some extra clothes, scarves, etc. for the girls to dress up in and I was to be the fashion photographer.  After spending considerable time upstairs deciding what their summer and winter ‘costumes’ would be, Izzy was the first one down to the conservatory for her photo session.

Next was Maddy’s turn.

Then Bonnie and Randi got into the act.

Now it’s Grandpa’s turn!

We had arranged for Mike to pick up the girls about 1:30, to have them back home in Cambridge about 2:00.  We ended up stretching that time out by going to The Bohemia Cafe, in High St., for lunch.  Mike met us there.  

After lunch, we went back to #20 to pack the girls’ bags into Mike’s Defender and take the drive to Cambridge.  After the goodbyes between Bonnie, Randi and the girls, we headed out and had the girls home by about 3:00.  I made a major purchase from Izzy:  button earrings for Bonnie and Randi, that she had made.  Hugs, kisses and away we went….very sad knowing we won’t see them again for a while, although there is conversation going on about the girls coming to Canada on their own next summer.  Getting on the plane at Heathrow and getting off in Toronto won’t be a difficult trip and the airlines do a good job of looking after kids flying on their own.

We returned to St. Neots about 3:45 and Mike dropped me off at #20.  Bonnie and Randi had already packed up most of their things for our early morning departure, so I worked on that as well until it was time to go to Mike and Jackie’s for dinner.  I called Steve’s Taxi to pick us up and they were there in a couple of minutes.  Their stand is just a 2 or 3 minute walk from #20.

Jackie & Oliver

Mike & Benjamin

Mike and Jackie had made up an excellent dinner of fish cakes, salmon and fresh roasted vegetables.  Delicious!  Mike and I went upstairs to bath Benjamin and Oliver.  Ben was the first one into the tub so, while he was drying him up, I put Oliver into the tub.  After the goodnights to Ollie and Ben, Jackie walked to Tesco to pick up some ice cream and tiramisu for dessert.  Shortly after finishing that, we said our tearful goodbyes to Jackie and Mike drove us back to the house.  Again, hugs and tearful goodbyes.

We finished packing up and then caught a couple of episodes of The Bletchley Circle before signing out of Netflix.  We set the alarm for 6:30 and went to bed.  We had arranged for a driver to pick us up, for the trip to Heathrow, at 7:30.

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  1. Jean & Al October 19, 2018 at 7:05 am #

    Great pictures. The girls are so pretty. Boys are so cute. Glad you had a great time.

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