Day 13: October 13 – St. Neots

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There was no sleeping in this morning.  We had a leisurely breakfast with the girls, kinda eating what and when we wanted. I made a Norwegian treat called lefse, using soft tortilla, butter, sugar and cinnamon.  We all enjoyed that.Mike came over with Oliver about 11:00, after Ollie’s rugby tots.  The girls were glad to see him and it took no time before they were out on the patio throwing bread out to the ducks, geese and swans and making bubbles with some stuff that Bonnie had brought over.

Bonnie, Randi and the girls had gone out about 10:00 to the nail shop to have a pedicure, but it was quite busy, so they made an appointment for 12:30.  Mike and I left to take Oliver to the play park and, on the way, stopped at the nail shop to drop a key off.  Maddy was finished with her pedicure, so she joined us.  The play park was just a short walk over the bridge.  Oliver and Maddy played on the slide mostly and then we went to the restaurant for an ice cream.  We had hoped to take Oliver on the train, but it was closed to members.

By the time we arrived back at #20, the others were back and had begun making decorations for the ‘everything party’ that Bonnie and Izzy had talked about.  It was just a chance for all of us to celebrate being together.  Bonnie had brought all sorts of stuff for decorations, so they cut up paper strips to make a paper chain and made name signs to tape on the walls and appliances, in the kitchen.

Preparing for the Party

Mike and Oliver left about 5:00 to meet with Jackie to have a look at a house.  Our plan was to order Chinese food from the Hong Kong Restaurant take-away.  Bonnie and I went to the restaurant to check it out and saw that they had a big round table for 10, so we decided to eat in instead.  We all went there at 5:30 and Mike and family arrived just after us.  We had a great meal, then headed back to #20 at 7:30 and settled into the TV room to watch a movie. 

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  1. Cheryl & Charlie October 18, 2018 at 11:01 am #

    What a wonderful adventure for the whole family! The photos bring back fond memories, making us want to revisit. Cheryl’s roots are in Hastings where her fisherman grandfather emigrated from in 1914. We visited there in 1985 and found the address where grandpa Philcox was born. See you when you get back and look forward to more tales of your adventures.

    • Leif Petersen October 18, 2018 at 5:15 pm #

      Thanks for checking in. I just, finally, posted a bunch of family photos from our last day with the grandkids, so check that out when you get a chance. We’re now in Franschhoek, South Africa and really enjoying our time here. The home we’re staying in is beautiful. I’m a few days behind with the blog, but trying to catch up. Eventually, I’ll be posting photos of the house. We’re thinking 1 month with you guys here sometime. It’s awesome. We spent the day in Cape Town today, mostly on Table Mountain. Stunning.

      Glad to hear that the photos from Hastings brought back some memories. We really enjoyed our day there.

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