Day 12: October 12 – St. Neots

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I was up about 7:30 this morning, Bonnie and Randi a little later.  For the most part, today was going to be spent at the house relaxing and preparing for the Izzy and Maddy’s arrival this afternoon around 5:00.  We watched the first season of The Bletchley Circle, a British production about 4 women who worked as code breakers, during WWII, and are now amateur detectives.  A good series.

I played around taking double exposure shots of the tree across the River Ouse and the heron that often stops directly across from us.  Heron’s are normally very skittish, but this one stays put even when people and dogs walk by.  Bonnie and Randi went out to do a little shopping for a little while; I stayed home, tidied up a little and processed some photos.

Double Exposed Tree

Blue Heron

Eleanor arrived with the girls right on schedule.  We got them settled in, talked for a while and had dinner….pasta and a great sauce that Bonnie made last night.  Maddy and I went to Waitrose to pick up a few things for tomorrow.

Tonight is movie night.  The girls chose ‘Hotel for Dogs’ for tonight’s feature and we all enjoyed the popcorn.  Good movie.

The girls got ready for bed, with Izzy on a blow-up mattress on the floor and Maddy in the double bed.  They’ll switch tomorrow night.  They could sleep together, but Maddy kicks in her sleep, so that wouldn’t go so well.  The lights were out at 9:00, but Izzy continued reading, using my small flashlight.

We watched another episode of The Bletchly Circle and then called it a day about 10:30.


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