Day 4: June 16 – Oslo

I managed to get a full night’s sleep, up at 7:00 and up to the 4th floor for breakfast at 7:45.  Boy, were my legs and hips stiff today from all of the walking yesterday!!  

Not hot out today, but really nice at about 20C and sunny.

We split up this morning with Barbara and Keith finding their own way to the Viking Museum and the Meunch Museum; Merle and I walked to the Akershus Fortress.  The plan was that we would meet back at the Egon Restaurant for lunch at 2:00 PM.  The route to Akershus took us along Karl Johan Gate, where the stores were putting there wares out on the sidewalk.  I recalled that Saturday is basically a market day along Karl Johan and I figured that the street would be a total zoo by the time we were walking back.

I’ve never been to Akershus before and I found it quite interesting.  We spent our time wandering around the grounds and taking photos in all directions. 

Akershus Fortress

There were lots of people there, particularly Chinese, enough that we felt like we had taken a side trip to China.  It wasn’t always possible to get the shots we wanted….surprise!!

Chinese Models at Akershus

We made it back to the hotel a bit early, so we relaxed for I short time before meeting the others at Egon.  Although the sidewalk cafes were all busy, we managed to find a table for 4 and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.  By the time we were finished, we were past the worst of the harsh mid-day sun, which was good for our next stop of the day:  the Oslo Opera House.  

The street market was in full swing by the time we got on the way.  It was pretty much shoulder-to-shoulder people most of the way down Karl Johan Gate.  We saw some black Mercedes sedans parked in front of the Grand Hotel, a block from our hotel, and there were lots of people crowded around.  We saw one person talking to the crowd, signing autographs and we joked that it was either Billy Connoly or Rod Stewart.  Merle went over to get a photo and Barbara asked someone who it was….one of the guys from Queen.  I had seen on a poster somewhere that Adam Lambert and Queen are performing on Sunday night.

As we approached the Opera House, I was really surprised at the amount of construction going on all around it.  There’s a whole new row of buildings between it and the ‘Bar Code’ buildings near the main railway station.  That has to annoy the people who bought condos facing the Opera House.  I’ll have to remember to ask my cousin, Hans Christian, about that because he has a condo in one of the ‘Bar Code’ buildings.

Construction Around the Opera House

Opera House

We spent a couple of hours both outside and inside the Opera House.  There was lots of activity, with many people arriving for the performance of the opera, Don Giovanni.  We all took a ton of photos and after the crowd had left the restaurant/bar, we sat down to enjoy a cold drink before walking back to the hotel.  It was about 6:30 by this time, so the market crowds had pretty much settled down.

So, our dinner plan:  Keith and Barbara were going out on their own for either sushi or Tai food, while Merle and I found something to our taste.  Before that, though, we put our feet up for a while and went out about 8:30.  We wandered around the streets for a while checking out various restaurant menus before deciding on one.  We both had a penne pasta meal, mine with chicken and mushrooms and Merle’s with mussels and shrimp.  Delicious!

Back to the hotel and asleep by 11:30 for an early up.  Our last night in Oslo.  Close to 16,000 steps today!

Pictures are coming….as soon as I can sit down long enough to go through them.

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  1. Pat Startek June 20, 2018 at 8:16 am #

    Leif, thank you for the detail in your reports. I am really enjoying your travels and adventures. Merle is my neighbour in Oshawa. Pat

    • Leif Petersen June 20, 2018 at 11:48 am #

      Thanks, Pat. I’m having a great time with Merle. Bonnie suggested, in an email yesterday, that we have our 60th wedding anniversary here with some friends….60 because we’re counting in months. I love it over here.

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