Day 13: June 25 – Stamsund > Leknes > Oslo

This is it….the last day in Lofoten!  It’s shaping up to be a very grey, cloudy, rainy day so this is a great day to be leaving.

We’re on a direct flight from Leknes to Oslo, with the domestic airline, Wideroe.  This direct flight is relatively new; I’ve always had to connect through Bodø.  We were out of the cabin by 9:35, the baggage loaded in the car, the rorbua key dropped off and away right on schedule at 9:45.

With the Peugeot’s diesel tank filled, all we had to do was drive directly to the airport and drop the key off at the Avis desk inside….a painless process.  Check-in is always easy here and we had a really good example of it today.  Keith was careful to take his Swiss army knife out of his pocket, but without thinking, put it in his camera bag so, of course, it was picked up in the x-ray screening.  Instead of confiscating the knife, the security agent offered to put it in his checked bag.  How civil is that?  That’s Lofoten hospitality!

The direct flight to Oslo was 2 hrs. 10 min.  Barbara and Keith left us here as they were taking the train to Kongsberg to visit with old friends/colleagues for 8 days.  Merle and I caught the shuttle bus to the Scandic Gardermoen hotel.  An afternoon nap, dinner and catching up on some photo processing finished the day off.

Our flight is at 1:25 PM tomorrow, so it will be a leisurely morning.  The return is with Iceland Air through Reykjavik, Iceland.  We will change flights there after a 3 hour layover and will arrive in Toronto at 6:55.  I expect it will be an uneventful trip and I’m looking forward to getting home.

Overall, this photo tour was very successful.  Despite the somewhat crappy weather, it didn’t keep us from covering everything on the planned schedule.  The dinner with Ingbritt and Bjørn-Arne, in their home, is always a highlight and my guests thoroughly enjoyed it.  I plan the tour at this time of year so as to avoid the high tourist season when the traffic around the islands is minimal, which makes for very relaxing days.  If the weather had been better, we would have spent more time out exploring in the evenings and into the morning hours.  Instead, we had some longer days out and later dinners, which gave us time to kick back and relax in the cabin.

Merle, Keith and Barbara were fun to travel with and we were all quite compatible.  Having only 3 people made it very easy for me and good for them, as we had more one-on-one time and it makes it much easier to avoid getting in each other’s way, during the photographic stops.  They’ve all traveled quite extensively, so that made it easier for me, and them, as well.  All 3 are camera club members:  Barbara  is with the Oshawa Camera Club, Keith is with the Markham club and Merle is with the Oshawa Seniors’ Camera Club.  Barbara is a novice photographer, so we helped her along and she did really well with her new Sony camera.  Keith has been involved in photography for several years; he often went off on his own looking for interesting angles, shapes, leading lines, etc.  Merle is an advanced photographer with a great creative imagination that resulted in some fun photographs.  

For me, these trips are always fun and I learn something from everyone I have the pleasure of bringing to Norway.  The next trip is from September 18 to October 1, once again a small group of 4 photographers.  I’m looking forward to that.

When I return home, I’ll catch up on some pictures and will post more to the blog, so please go back and check them out.  I’ll also post photos to the ‘Gallery’ on this site.  My next photography event is the ‘Water Garden Photo Workshop’, at the Moore Water Gardens, in Port Stanley, on July 21 and 22, so keep an eye out for photos of the beautiful, and sacred, lotus flower.

My last comment:  after 2 weeks away, my beard is coming along very well!


Thanks for following the ‘2018 Midnight Sun Photo Tour’ blog.  Maybe you’ll want to join me for a future trip.


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  1. Pat Startek June 27, 2018 at 4:25 pm #

    Thanks Leif! I enjoyed your adventures very much.

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