Day 12: June 24 – Stamsund > Eggum > Bjørnsand > Buksnes

My prayers to the Lofoten weather gods last night paid off!  We had lots of blue sky this morning, with some good clouds in the sky.  We were up at the usual time, but the excitement of our last day in Lofoten being a sunny one got us out of the rorbua by 8:30.

We were off to Eggum, where there are 2 main attractions:  the remains of a Luftwaffe radar station built during WWII and ‘The Head’, an iron and granite sculpture that, from one angle, looks like a classical portrait and, from another, the head is seen upside down.  It’s located above the beach, where sheep graze.  In hindsight, I wish I had taken a video walking around it.

We stopped to get a couple of shots on the road in and, as we drove away, we noticed someone down by the water waving to us.  I backed up and drove to them, but it turned out that they were sea kayak guides who thought we were their morning customers.  The 2 guys, Mathias and Carlos were from Argentina, but moved to Lofoten a couple of years ago and now live in Eggum.  Their customers, 6 of them from different parts of Europe, showed up while we were there.

Carlos & Mathias

Sea Kayaks

Fortunately for us, we got to Eggum early enough that there were few tourists there, just a couple of cars and a few small motor homes, very common on the roads all over Lofoten.  We got a few shots of the radar station inside and out and then walked the 400 meters down the road to ‘The Head’.  You’ll see that I had some fun with the fish eye lens again.

Barbara, Merle and Keith Through a Fish Eye

Merle Through a Fish Eye

View of Eggum Through the Port Hole

Radar Station Interior Through the Fish Eye

Radar Station Exterior Through the Fish Eye

The Head

The Head – Upright

The Head – Upside Down

The weather was still holding out and I was really looking forward to taking the group to Bjørnsand, a remote beach close to Unstad.  I was there last fall and really enjoyed the stop.  Of course, the photo ops along the sea in the fall are much different than in the summer, but I had my fingers crossed that it would still be a worthwhile stop….I wasn’t disappointed.  Between the sandy beach, the rocks and the sky, all photo elements were perfect, so we spent about 1.5 hours there.

Bjørnsand Beach

I had the opportunity to speak with the owner of the few houses there, Jon.  He rents the houses out to tourists, but recently they were occupied by a film crew from the US, who were shooting part of a movie there.  I mentioned that I had been there before with a friend from Storfjord, Hans Melhus, whom I know had been involved in a local movie production.  It turned out that Jon knows Hans well and they had worked together coordinating with the movie crew.  Hans had told me that he also had a small part in the movie and I found out later that Bjørn-Arne had a part as an extra in the movie as well.

On the way out of Bjørnsand, we stopped to get some photos on the sea shore.  I got lucky with shots of Oyster Catchers.

Oyster Catchers – Sex on the Beach

Oyster Catchers – Sex on the Beach

Duelling Oyster Catchers

The Oyster Catcher Strut

By this time, the weather had changed, so we were back to grey, dull skies and it looked like the rain was coming.  It was about 3:30 and we hadn’t had lunch yet, but I wanted to make 1 more stop before returning to Stamsund:  the Buksnes church, In Gravdal.  I waited in the car while the others got their shots.  Barbara and Merle returned, but we had to wait a while for Keith.  I have never been to the church when it’s open, but it was open and Keith had gone inside.  There was, what he believed, was an Ethiopian service going on, so he was able to get some shots of the people and the interior.

Back at the rorbuer, we had a quick snack before preparing our dinner of fish cakes and vegetables, which Ingbritt and Bjørn-Arne had given to us last night.  Before doing that, I joined Hans Christian to meet his Dad, my 1st cousin, Harald, who was coming in on the hurtigruten, from Bodø at 7:00 PM.  They were going for dinner at Skjærbrygge, the restaurant/pub on the dock across from the rorbua, and then they were coming over to join us for some apple coffee cake, thanks to Ingbritt, and coffee/tea.  We were just starting our dinner, when they arrived, but they visited with us for about 1.5 hours.  It was good to catch up with Harald.

So, that was our last day.  We’re on the way home tomorrow morning.


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