Day 11: June 23 – Stamsund > Gimsøy (Vinje, Hov, Vik) > Høynes > Vestresand

Unfortunately, no change in the weather – still 9-11C, grey, some rain – but nothing bad enough to keep us from doing anything on the tour, just a little differently.

We were on the road again by 9:30 and off to the next island to the north east, Gimsøya.  Before reaching Gimsøya, we stopped at Kongsjordpollen to take shots of 3 horses in a field at the side of the road.  They came right up to the fence, so it was easy to get up close and personal with them.

Up Close & Personal

The main road took us through Vinje (not much there), Hov (2 stops:  Lofoten Links golf course where we met an Italian photographer, who had 4 British people with him on a 1-day photography course,  and Warren, the Links’ Canadian chef from Toronto/Niagara Falls, who married a Norwegian girl and his been in Norway for about 10 years; the fish drying racks and docks at Hovsund), through Vik and past the old yellow house that has been painted with a social commentary mural by Norwegian street artist, Pøbel.  It’s become a tradition on the tours to take a group photo in front of the house.

Merle, Barbara, Keith & Leif

Merle checked out the barn here as well and found a treasure batteries not included.

Merle’s Treasure

After trying to find Merle some batteries, we continued back to Vestvagøya and around the coast to Høynes, where my Mom was from.  At one time, this was a thriving community, but now there are only a few houses, including the original Grønbech house where Mom lived.  There is now a deck outside and it looks freshly painted.  When I was here in 2015, I had the opportunity to go inside the house, where I was surprised to see photos of my grandparents and great grandparents on the walls.  I drove a bit further down the lane to my cousin Sigmund’s house, knocked on the door, but he wasn’t home. 

Our next stop was at the cemetery, in Vestrasand.  It can be a challenge to find this place, as it’s back off the road and the sign is easy to miss; however, no problem today.  The cemetery is in a picturesque setting, next to a beach and what else but mountains in the background.  The last time I was here, I couldn’t find my maternal grandparents’ gravesite, but today I had no problem at all.  The wind really blows through this place, so we didn’t spend a long time, but got some beach shots regardless.

We decided to return to Stamsund, have dinner and then decide whether or not we would go to the Stamsund Summer Festival on the docks.  This is Sanct Hans Aften (St. Hans Eve), when the summer solstice is celebrated.  When the weather is good, people go to the beach, light big bonfires, grill sausages on the beach and generally have a good time with family and friends.  Not tonight….too cold and raining.  It had been a long day, so no dancing for us tonight, our 2nd last night in Lofoten.


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