Day 10: June 22 – Stamsund > Nusfjord > Unstad > Mærvoll

Something strange was happening in the sky when we got up this morning:  there was a blue colour in much of it, of course there were still clouds obscuring the blue in several areas.

Breakfast this morning consisted of eggs, fish cakes, cheese and cereal (not all together) and, after preparing our lunch sandwiches, we were out the door and on the way to Nusfjord by 9:30.  Damn, we missed another sunrise!!

On the road to Nusfjord, as you round a curve in the road, you’re faced with the shear vertical wall of Stjerntinden, one of Lofoten’s best known and prominent mountains.  Getting shots here is always on the tour agenda and the best place to get the shots is from the field on the left side of the road….watch out for the electric fence.  A small lake, rocks and wildflowers provide a great foreground for shots of Stjerntinden.

Nusfjord is often teaming with people, but today it was reasonable when we arrived….just 1 tour bus in the parking lot.  We looked around, stopped into the gift shop–bought nothing–and then ordered waffles with fresh strawberries and sour cream from the cafe on the dock.  I recognized the Italian jewellery maker coming toward us, so we had a conversation with him.  I had met him previously….a very funny guy.

Barbara and Keith went off on their own to wander around, while Merle and I tried to find a path up on the rocks above the town. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the route I had taken before, so we gave up and went back down to the docks.  We met up with Barbara and the 3 of us went back to the car to eat our lunch, while we waited for Keith to return.  After he ate his lunch, we set off for Unstad, stopping to take more shots along the way.

There are 2 ways to get to Unstad from where we were:  bypass Leknes via Utakleiv or continue on down the road through Leknes.  I opted for the latter so we could stop for a soft ice cream with sweet black liquorice sprinkles.  It’s a great treat!

Unstad has a beach that is very popular for surfing and it was windy today, so I was hoping the surf would be up for some good wave shots.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t much wave action and it was cold, probably less than 10C; however, we stayed there for over an hour and I spent a good part of the time looking for ‘beach art’.


During my trip here last fall, I also discovered that, rather than going through a tunnel to Unstad, you could take the old road over the mountain, which now ends at the top, pretty much right over the tunnel.  Once again, I was disappointed because the road was closed for work.  

When we were done at the beach, we took a side road to Mærvoll, a village I had never been to before.  We drove as far as we could and ended up in front of an old derelict house that appeared to be going through some refurbishing.  A local guy came by walking his dog, so I spoke with him for a few minutes and translated the conversation for the others.  We got a number of shots of the house and barn and we all went away thinking this would be a great property to buy and what a great view to the ocean and mountains.  The house is definitely a fixer-upper!

Mærvoll Fixer-Upper

Mærvoll Fixer-Upper – The Full View

When we were about to leave Mærvoll, my cousin, Ingbritt, called to say that she and Bjørn-Arne had just been at the rorbua to drop off an apple coffee cake for us.  Since they were on there way to Leknes, we agreed to meet at Bunnpris, the grocery store in the shopping centre.  We were stopping there to buy some fresh fish for dinner, so they brought the coffee cake with them.  We were back at the rorbua by 6:30 and prepared a great dinner of sei (pollock), a very mild white fish, potatoes, broccoli and fried onions.  We enjoyed the coffee cake later on before calling it a day.

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