Day 14: October 3 – Oslo, Moss, Sandvika

Today, my plan is to visit with my cousin, Harald, and his wife, Gerd, in Sandvika.  Even is off to his Freemason meeting, in Trondheim, so Harald is picking me up.  Last night, I had also arranged to take the 45 minutes train trip to Moss to visit another cousin, Lillian, and her husband, Øyvind (get your tongue around that one!).  It just happens that her sister, Ingbritt, and her husband, Bjørn-Arne, whose house and car I used while in Stamsund, were also there after returning from their Majorca vacation.  

I caught the bus to the central railway station right across the street from Even’s home, a 20 minute ride.  The train left 9:01 and I was in Moss at 9:46.  Ingbritt and her daughter, Irja, picked me up at the train station.  We had good conversation, lots of laughs and a good lunch.  Lillian took me back to the train station for the 3:08 train back to Oslo.  Harald was waiting for me when I arrived back at Even’s at 4:45.

Marshmallow Farm South of Oslo

We drove to Harald and Gerd’s condo, in Sandvika, and sat down to dinner shortly after.  Surprise….dinner was forikol!!  I didn’t mind a bit.  Again, we toasted with a couple of shots of Akvavit. 

After dinner, Harald and I walked to the train station, only about 300 yards away, to purchase my ticket for the express train to Gardermoen airport tomorrow morning.  What a simple process.

I set the alarm for 5:40, which was early enough for a shower and a cup of tea before walking to the train station for the 6:40 train to the airport.

No pictures today!

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