Day 11: September 30 – Skifjord, Fygle, Leknes

This is not a big photography day.  I went out about 8:00, but didn’t go far, just to the tidal pool/marsh area of Skifjord and the cemetery for some sunrise shots.  

Skifjord Sunrise – a Star is Born

Skifjord Tidal Pools and Marsh

View from the Cemetery

I was back at the house by 9:30.  I just took it easy for a while and then prepared to go to a cousin’s house in Fygle for ‘coffee’.  Going for coffee here typically involves a variety of cakes, pastries, lefse, trollkrem (whip cream with freshly picked currants and lots of sugar….nothing sweet about that!).  That took 2.5 hours!!

I relaxed at the house, processed some photos and did some laundry.  I picked Hans up at 6:00 PM and we went into Leknes for dinner at the Restaurante Milano for some Italian food:  pizza for me and spaghetti Alfredo for Hans.  My treat for being an exceptional guide!

Even though I was back at the house about 9:30, I still didn’t shut the lights out until well after 1:00 AM.

The other day, a Facebook friend asked “is it true there are too many tourists in the area?”.  I told her that, like most countries, tourist season is in the middle of summer.  Norway attracts a lot of tourists, but I wouldn’t say there are too many.  When I bring photo groups over, it’s before school gets out, so not bad.  Now school is back in and I can tell you that I’ve hardly seen any tourists.  In fact, I haven’t seen any in the places I’ve been so far.  That morning, I was planning to go to a popular tourist town , so I promised to giver her a report.  I didn’t get all of the way to Henningsvaer, but here’s what I saw:  1 bus, a few trucks, maybe 2 dozen cars, 5 photographers, 1 couple walking along a road, 3 people heading for a hike up a mountain and 1 couple pulled over at a viewpoint.  The next day, when I was at Myrland later that day, I was there for 2 hours and didn’t see anyone.  It made me think of one of Babe Ruth’s quotes:  “Nobody goes there anymore.  It’s too crowded.”

Sure, there are tourists here in the fall, but there sure aren’t too many of them and now I know more places to take photo tour groups to avoid them.

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