Day 6: September 25 – Storfjord, Unstad,

I started this photo day about 8:00 taking a hike up into the hills overlooking Storfordsvatnet (2 fresh water lakes), Storfjorden and Skifjorden, with the mountain, Vågakallen, in the distance.  This view is my favourite in Norway, but it’s difficult to get a good shot from the road, which is what I’ve always done in the past.  Hans suggested that I take this hike and guaranteed me good photos.  So off I went a short distance through some woods, past the local ski jump, along a fence, which is electrified to keep the sheep in, and then over the fence via steps.  The ground was wet with very heavy dew, so good boots are a must.  I sure wasn’t disappointed with the view.  Most of the shots were of the same thing, but I kept trying to get the best one from different angles.

Olympic Hopefuls – Those guys didn’t make the team, not because they weren’t very good, but because they were really baaaaa-d!

Storfjorden Seen From Smørdalen (Butter Valley)

Once again, it was sunny and the fall colours glowed.  It was ‘fabelaktig’ (fabulous….a new word I learned today).  I did stop several times just to sit and enjoy the surroundings.  I even found myself thinking that, if I still smoked, I’d enjoy have a cigarette, sit there a while and take it all in.  That didn’t last long though.  On the way back, I found a couple of new things to photograph:  mushrooms – a spotted one and a red one.  

I went back to the house for some lunch….fish balls (from a can, not home made) with white sauce spiced with muscat, potatoes and carrots.  Very good, but you have to catch a lot of fish to make a meal!  I’ve been invited to Hans and Anette’s house for home made fish balls and white sauce on Friday.  Looking forward to that.  I also have an invitation for dinner on Thursday, with cousin Roy and his wife, Kirsti.  It’ll be nice to see them again.

I left the house about 5:00 to drive back to Varden overlooking Unstad, to get some sunset shots of Unstad, but it didn’t amount to much, so that was a bust.  However, on the way there, I stopped along the road to get a shot of some trees reflected in a lake in front of a farm.  While I was there, the clouds moved into a great formation, which was also reflected in the lake.

Leading Lines’ – all lines lead to this mountain farm.

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