Day 5: September 24 – Kartfjorden, Bjørnsand, Unstad

I didn’t break any records getting up this morning, but I was out of the house about 8:00 and heading to a favourite spot of mine to take photo groups:  Kartfjorden, with Kartstaven mountain in the background, Trolldalstindan to the left and Stortinden on the right.  It’s great for early morning shots with the sun shining deep into the fjord and on Kartstaven.  I spent over 2 hours there getting shots and reflections from all angles.  There are quite a few pools of water, so the reflections are everywhere.  

Kartfjorden – Kartstaven (centre), Trolldalstindan (left) Stortinden (right)





Kartfjorden Reflection

The Farm Deep in Kartfjorden

Before going back to the house, I stopped in at Han’s house to see what he was up to and met his wife, Anette.  I had my morning tea there and made plans to go out later to a couple of spots that were new to me:  Bjørnsand, for sunset photos, and up the old road over the mountain to Unstad for an ‘aerial’ view of the famous surfing beach and surrounding mountains, from a spot called Varden.  There’s now a tunnel through the mountain and we were right above the entrance and, with it being dark, caught a couple of cars’ light trails heading to the tunnel.


The Star of Bjørnsand

The Star of the Show

Feeling the Love at Bjørnsand

This Way to the Beach

As the Sun Sinks

Bjørnsand Sunset

Bjørnsand Sunset

Unstad from Varden

I owe Hans a huge thanks for showing me theses 2 places, which will be added to the stop for future Lofoten photo tours.

We returned in the dark and the only thing that was clear was that there would be no Aurora Borealis tonight, since the clouds had rolled in.  

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