Day 4: September 23 – Stamsund, Myrland, Vestfjord, Høynes

Another good night’s sleep and up at 5:15.  It had rained overnight and was still very foggy/cloudy out.  About 6:30, while sitting on the couch having my morning tea, I could see a reddish glow from the rising sun, just showing over the lower mountains.  I kept an eye on it and about fifteen minutes later, the sky was glowing, with the sun’s brilliance being diffused by the fog and clouds.  I quickly packed up my gear and went out in shorts – it was really quite nice out, likely about 10C – and drove down the street to a spot that was open to the east.  I caught some of the glow, but missed the best part.  

Foggy Sunrise

Stamsund Boathouses

Stamsund Kjirke

Back at the house, I got some breakfast together and continued doing some computer work until about 10:00.  My plan was to drive to Myrdal, but I stopped at the Storfjord cemetery to get some shots to the south, at low tide.  As I continued on, I was delayed by the fall colours and perfect reflection in Storfjordvanet once again.  Helt fantastisk!!! (translation:  Fantastic!!!)  

I have never been to Myrdal before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  It’s a very remote area right along the sea, with a couple of white sandy beaches.  At one of the beaches, I stepped over a fence and followed the sheep path down to the water.  It was a calm day so there were only minor waves on the sea, but still OK for some neutral density photography.  From this beach, you can see over to the mountains and beaches of Haukland and Utakleiv.  

Standing Guard

Myrdal with Haukland (right) and Utakleiv (left in the background

I also managed to get a shot of some ‘scarv’ (cormorants) drying out on a large rock.  At least here they sit on rocks vs. killing the trees!

Skarv (Cormorants)

I stayed at Myrdal for a couple of hours and then drove back to Leknes, where I stopped for one of my favourite treats:  soft ice cream with sweet licorice…..mmmmm, good.  You get a lot of ice cream in a cone and I couldn’t even finish it.  That’s a first!

From there I drove to Vestresand and to Høynes, which is where my mother was from.  I took a few shots along the way, but mostly I was just enjoying the exceptional fall day.

Fall in Vestresand

I finally got back to the house about 4:30, with plans to make some spaghetti sauce for tomorrow night’s dinner.  Actually, I made enough that I’ll have lots left over for another night or two.  Tonight’s dinner was leftover ‘kjøttkaker med brun saus’ from last night.

It was almost 10:00 PM when I decided to take a drive to Storfjord to see if the Northern Lights would make an appearance.  I wasn’t there long, when they did start to show up.  I was standing at the side of the road and, unfortunately, there were street lights right behind me a quite a few cars went by.  I packed up and drove back to the Storfjord cemetery parking lot, which faces northeast.  The lights were starting to get a bit brighter, but I still wasn’t totally satisfied with the location.  I drove back to the house, but instead of stopping there, I cruised down to the end of the street where there’s no light.  By this time, the sky was getting lit up pretty good.  They weren’t ‘dancing’, but there were looooong ribbons of light and a lot of stars out.  This was the first sighting for me, so it was exciting.  I took a lot of shots and, actually, the lights and the stars show up much better in camera than with the naked eye, so I was quite pleased with the results.  If that’s all I get while here, I’m satisfied; however, the forecast for the rest of the week is great, so I think I’ll get lucky again.  In total, I spent over an hour photographing the light show.

Aurora Borealis from Storfjord looking South

Aurora Borealis from Stamsund Looking North

Aurora Borealis from Stamsund Looking North

Back at the house about 11:30, I processed a couple of shots and them caught up on news from home.  I finally got to bed about 12:45, so I wasn’t counting on an early morning.

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