Day 3: September 22 – Stamsund, Leknes, Karijorda, Steine, Utakleiv & Storfjord

It turns out that the Aurora was very visible last night between 11:15 and 11:30 and the sunrise was spectacular too;  however, I was dead to the world by 11:00 and didn’t get up until 7:00, so I missed both.  I’m not worried though, since the forecast looks very sunny with clear nights from tomorrow afternoon through to next Sunday, when I leave.  

I had one bit of good news early this morning:  a phone call from the Leknes airport telling me that my suitcase had arrived.  The timing was perfect, since I had to drop Ingbritt and Bjørn-Arne off at the airport by 11:00.  On the way back to Stamsund, I stopped along the road to get a couple of fall colour shots reflected in the Storfjordvatnet (Storfjord Lake – a small fresh water lake where my Uncle Bjørvin had a campground many years ago).  There are a lot of poplar trees here, so the fall colours are golden; the kelp at low tide gives great golden colours too.  



I stopped in Karijorda just down the road to visit Hans Melhus, a local photographer who does some very impressive work.  I met Hans a couple of years ago and we’ve since been trading photos via Facebook.  He gets out and about Lofoten regularly, knows all the good spots and gets some fantastic shots.  I’m hoping we’ll get out together before I leave.

Back in Stamsund, I stocked up on groceries and went back to the house for a while before taking a drive around Steine, a nearby fishing village and on to Utakleiv, my favourite beach….so far.  Hans had warned me to expect a lot of photographers, but I saw only 5; however, those 3 people climbing all over one of the main big rocks while I was trying to get my shots, were annoying.  Oh well, patience is a virtue, right?  


Window Dressing

The light wasn’t great at Utakleiv, but I managed to get a few shots before starting the drive back to Stamsund.  The light sure was great on the way back though and the water was perfectly still in a small lake with the mountains Offersøykammen on the left and Stornappstinden, in the background.  

Fall Reflections

After spending some time there, it was getting dark and it dawned on me that I hadn’t been here in the dark since 1983.  It felt a bit strange.  Once back at the house, I made dinner:  kjøttkaker med brun saus og løk (translation:  meat cakes [sort of a hamburger] in brown sauce and onions) with some grainy mustard and a couple of slices of brown goat cheese for extra flavour (something I picked up from my cousin, Lillian).  A couple of small potatoes and cauliflower rounded out the meal and a bottle of Paulaner non-al beer washed it down (Paulaner is a very good German beer.  I had been to a Paulaner brew pub in St. Petersburg, Russia several years ago, so it caught my eye at the store).  All in all, a fine meal!

About 10:00 PM, I took a short drive to the Storfjord cemetery, a good Aurora viewing spot, just in case it made an appearance.  No such luck….too cloudy.

That was the end of this day’s activity.  After a conversation with my honey, I packed it in shortly after 11:00 so that I’d be up early for sunrise.


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