Day 1 & 2: September 20/21 – Enroute to Stamsund….Arrival

I arrived at Toronto’s Pearson Airport in lots of time for my 5:55 PM flight to Munich and on to Oslo.  I took advantage of my Aeroplan 50K Elite status for easy check-in, cooled my heels in the Maple Leaf lounge and enjoyed a good meal there before boarding.  The flight was uneventful – watched a couple of movies, broke into the newest Ken Follett novel, ‘A Column of Fire’, which is a continuation of his Kingsbridge series, and slept a little.  The layover in Munich was only a 1/2 hour, so there was no time to waste before boarding Lufthansa for the 2 flight to Oslo.

I had a couple of hours to kill in Oslo, so had arranged to meet my cousin, Hans-Christian Jahren, for lunch.  He lives only a few minutes from the airport, so it’s an easy meet-up.  If you’ve read my other blogs from Norway, he’s the guy who owns the island, Tørnholmen, in Stamsund.

Next flight:  1 hr 10 minutes SAS to Bodø.  I had a couple of hours there too and met up with yet another cousin, Solveig Helen Hammer, to deliver a package from my sister, Randi.  The package was what I’ll call a fruit bowl, which was a wedding gift to my Grandmother and Grandfather (married sometime in the 1800’s).  Randi wanted Solveig’s daughter, Lovise to have this from her Great Great Grandmother Lovise.

When I checked my bag in Toronto, they could send it only as far as Bodø;  unfortunately, it didn’t arrive.  Apparently, I made a rookie travel mistake:  I should have met the bag in Oslo, cleared Customs with it and moved it to a transfer belt.  C’est la vie….it’ll show up eventually.  The important things is that I have all my photography gear with me.

The last flight of this long trip is only 20 minutes from Bodø to Leknes.  I never tire of flying over the Lofoten Islands on approach to Leknes.  The air is clear, the mountains and tourqoise water is a very welcoming sight for me.  

My cousin, Ingbritt and her husband, Bjørn-Arne – the 2 best people in Stamsund! – met me at the airport, which is about a 1/2 hour drive over the mountain from Stamsund.  We had an excellent steak dinner at Skjaerbrygge, the restaurant on the Stamsund docks.  After that, Ingbritt and I had a short visit with my only remaining aunt in Norway, tante Arna.  She’s 90 and, after some health issues and a pacemaker installed, is doing really well.  It was great to see her again.

We had a quiet, relaxing evening catching up on each other’s lives.  Ingbritt and Bjørn-Arne leave for vacation in Majorca tomorrow morning, so they had to finish packing.  I’m living at their house, while they’re away, and also have the use of their car for my whole time here.  I have to remember it takes diesel, not gas, but who would be silly enough to make that mistake?

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