Day 1: October 26 – Delhi

The trip started out like clockwork at the Toronto airport.  We got checked in easily with no lineup at the Aeroplan Elite counter, fast tracked through security, although it wasn’t very busy, and got settled into the Maple Leaf lounge.  The 2 hours went quickly enough and then headed to the gate to board for the 13.5 hour flight.  It was uneventful and we were definitely in the white minority on the plane.

The flight arrived in Delhi on time at about 9:45.  Going through customs was a breeze, but then we couldn’t find our driver right away.  A driver from another company offered to help and phoned the company, Namaste Tours, for us.  Our driver was there somewhere and showed up a few minutes later.

It was quite a long drive from the airport to the Forence Inn, our hotel for a couple of nights.  The streets were very busy and drivers really like to straddle the white line, when it’s solid or not.  As Dass said, “The white lines are just a suggestion.”.

During the trip, I told Dass about driving to our hotels, when we were in India 4 years ago….we had to drive through some very dodgy areas to finally arrive at our beautiful resorts.  This was no different except that the hotel, the Florence Inn, was in a dodgy area and the hotel itself is a bit dodgy.  There was enough room on the street for the driver to pull up in front of the steps.  There were a couple of guys outside, who brought our bags in, but there were no lights on outside and the only light inside was a desk lamp at the front desk.  We had to sign the registration book that looked like something from the early 1900’s.  This is far from a 4 star that they advertise.  No problem though, it’s clean and there are no signs of bed bugs.

With the 9.5 hour difference, it’s now 1:25 AM and time to call it a day.  The big adventure starts tomorrow.

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