Day 9: July 15 – Stamsund > Leknes > Stamsund

We took our time getting going this morning, since we knew we’d be out late and we’re trying to make only one boat trip on and off Tørnholmen.  Here’s Bonnie’s very apt description of this daily adventure, which I’ve plagiarized from her email to Charlie and Cheryl:

“To leave the island….for the 1 restaurant or 1 store!….we go down a grassy hill, along a flat area, down very steep seaweed-covered huge stone steps (more at low tide than high tide), across an 8″ wide wooden plank, onto a floating dock, onto an upturned milk crate, into a small motor boat captained by the very recently commissioned Leif Petersen.  Now imagine doing all of that in cold, rainy weather with a cane-wielding Randi and her broken pelvis.”

We got breakfast and lunch behind us and the ladies prepared a macaroni salad to take to tonight’s BBQ, the first family reunion gathering of the weekend.  We piled into the boat and headed for Leknes, taking the scenic route, which took us along Sennesvikveien and Finangen and over the mountain for a panoramic view down to the Buksnes Fjord….Leknes, Gravdal, Buksnes, etc.

View of Buksnes Fjord

View of Buksnes Fjord

We took our time shopping and checking out a few of the stores in Leknes.  In fact, I bought a couple of good, warm sweaters.

We returned to Stamsund shortly after 4:00 for the BBQ, which was held at the local downhill ski lodge, but we spent all of the time outside.  Several people had already arrived and I would guess that there were 75 to 80 people there.  Five generations!!  There were a lot of people there who Randi and I hadn’t seen since the 2006 reunion and because many of the younger people were now married with their own families, there were a lot there whom we had never met.  I had seen several of them, during my last 2 more recent trips here, but it was lots of fun catching up with everyone and meeting new members of the family.

Sigrid, Randi, Inger, Rolv & Vally

Sigrid, Randi, Inger, Rolv & Vally (1st Cousins)

Bjørnar & Roy (1st Cousins)

Bjørnar & Roy (1st Cousins)

Everyone had brought their own food for the BBQ, so there was everything from hot dogs to steaks, and most people were enjoying their beer and wine.

BBQ'ing in the Fresh Air

BBQ’ing in the Fresh Air (3 Generations)

Success Rigging Up the Meat Holder

Øyvind Successfully Rigs Up a Meat Holder (1st Cousin)

We spent 3 hours or so there and then went to the Skjærbrygga pub, since several people were going to continue the evening there.  We had our hot dogs earlier but, by this time, we were ready for something a little more substantial, so we ordered a couple of small pizzas and drinks. By then, the others started arriving, young and old and we had lots of good conversation and laughs.

We left the pub about 11:30 for the boat trip home and called it a day.

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