Day 4:  July 10 – Bergen > Bodø

Matt had a 9:20 AM flight to Bodø, so he was up and out of his B&B bright and early.  The rest of us weren’t flying out until 2:30, so we were able to take our time getting up, having breakfast and getting a taxi to the airport.

When we arrived in Bodø at 4:20, Matt was there waiting for us.  So was our cousins Solveig Hammer, her daughter Lovise and her brother Bjørn.  Bonnie and I had met them during the ‘Petersen Slektstreffe’ (Petersen family reunion) in 2012.  When I had contacted them about getting together when passing through Bodø, they offered to have us stay overnight with them.

Bonnie and I went with Solveig and Lovise to their home.  We met Solveig’s husband, Arne, and her son, Askar.  Our accommodations for the night couldn’t have been better – an ‘apartment’ attached to their home, where Solveig’s mother, Kirsten (my first cousin on my Dad’s side) lived prior to her passing earlier this year.  The view from their home would be awesome to wake up to every day!

View from Solveig & Arne's Porch

View from Solveig & Arne’s Porch

Randi and Matt were spending the night at Bjørn’s home, about a 5 minute drive from Solveig,

About an hour later, Bjørn, his wife Sissel and daughter Vilda arrived for dinner with Randi and Matt.  After a delicious dinner of reindeer, potatoes, vegetables and dessert, prepared by Solveig and Arne, we spent the evening with good conversation and lots of laughs.

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