Day 9 – Arrival in Boston

We had set the alarm for an early start this morning at 6:45.  The ship was pulling into the Boston shipyard, so we didn’t have long to go before disembarking.  All we had time for was breakfast before going through the customs clearance process and disembarkation, so we went up to the Lido deck to meet G & N.

The whole customs clearance and disembarkation process was quite organized.  First they made announcements for non-US citizens for clear customs on the deck 7, which was done by deck number.  We sat in comfortable theatre chairs while waiting, but it was a short wait before going to the customs guy for easy chit-chat, getting our passports stamped and that was it.

We went back to our room to collect our carry-on stuff and then back to the Lido deck to wait for the final disembarkation announcement.  Fifteen minutes or so later, ‘Pink 1’ was called and away we went to the gangway.  We pick up our luggage in the Pink area and proceeded outside to meet the bus for the ride to the airport.  There were no less than 4 women guiding us through the process and we were likely asked at least 5 times what airline we were going with, even after we were already in the right area waiting for the bus.

The bus arrived after about a 1/2 hour for the 10 minute ride to the airport, arriving there about 9:30.  Fortunately there weren’t too many people in the Jet Blue check-in line, so that went quite quickly.  Fortunately, again, we were just under the time limit for being able to check luggage, since our flight isn’t until 4:15.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t an earlier flight, so we went through security and found comfortable seats near our gate C10.

Now all we have to do is wait for our flight to Detroit, pick up the van, drive to the Hyatt Place, in Livonia, have dinner, get a good nights’s sleep, take a Sunday drive to London and then on to Oshawa.

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