Day 9 – A Day of Relaxation….for Some of Us

Day 9 - The Old Church & the Tearoom

Day 9 – The Old Church & the Tearoom

I can’t seem to get past 6:00 AM!  There was no point in fighting it, so I got up, went downstairs and opened the computer to finish up the financial report, which took only a few minutes.  When Mike and Jackie got up, I joined them for their usual morning long dog walk, which took us through some sheep pastures, down through the streets to the Tesco Express in Windermere.  That part of the walk was relatively easy, but the walk back to Helm View was less so, since it’s uphill all the way.

After an egg and toast breakfast, we set off for Dodd Wood, once again via Kirkstone Pass.  On previous days we had driven past a great looking old church, in Matterdale – appropriately enough called the Matterdale Church – but this time we stopped for photos.  What a great place!  So good, in fact, that Bonnie wants to buy it and move in.  The sign listed only 3 services in June and July, so she figured we could get it for a good price.  Not sure what we’d do with all of the headstones, not to mention the bodies that are buried around the church.

Next, the plan was to stop for a few hours at Dodd Wood, near Keswick.  Mike, Jackie and the dogs set off for a 2 hour walk through the woods, which involved a lot of up hill.  Bonnie and I planned to take it easy waiting for them at the Old Sawmill Teahouse, across the road from Mirehouse and Gardens.  We thought about taking a walk around the gardens, but having tea at the Old Sawmill seemed like a much better idea.  I did, however, take advantage of another photo op…..a small stream a waterfalls adjacent to the tearoom.

When the others showed up about 2-1/2 hours later, we heard about their excitement at the summit of Dodd Wood.  It was very windy at the summit, so windy that Mike’s camera bag was blown off a cliff, down about 20-25 metres.  It looked like the tripod, which was strapped to the bag, took the majority of the landing blow, so the camera and lenses seemed to be working OK.  We enjoyed some ice cream before leaving the tearoom, then went to Booth’s grocery store, in Keswick, to pick up the dinner fixings.  We made one more stop at Matterdale End on the way home so that I could get a shot of a very old rusted, red post box in a stone wall of the remains of a very old building.

When we got home, we immediately fired up the BBQ for our pork and apples burgers, complete with sautéed mushrooms and onions.  We are living well!  For dessert, we sampled all flavours of the Conniston fudge we had bought the previous day.

By the way, ignore the times on the maps……our drives takes several hours longer.

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