Day 8 – Circling the Waters

Day 8 Driving in a Circle

Day 8 Driving in a Circle

The day got off to what has become our usual start….we’re in no big rush.  I’m often the first one up, not that I do much once I’m up, but Mike and Jackie are up and on their way out for a long walk with the dogs about 7:30.

Once we had the car loaded up with lunch, photo equipment and ourselves, we began the day’s journey by taking the car ferry across Lake Windermere to Hill Top, the village where Beatrix Potter lived.   We stopped at the fudge shop in Coniston to pick up a variety of 8 different fudge flavours at the Coniston Fudge Company.  We drove on to Tarn Hows, a very scenic man-made lake, where we walked half way around the lake, found a nice spot by the lake for our picnic lunch.  After an hour or so of relaxation, we finished the 2nd half of the walk back to the parking lot.

We drove into Ambleside, a town close to Windermere for a ‘poodle’ around the streets.  Mike and Jackie went into the grocery store to pick up a few things that Mike needed to make tonight’s dinner.  Bonnie and I found a sidewalk cafe to sit for a cup of tea.  While relaxing there, we spotted a very old church, so we walked there to see if there was anything photo worthy…..there was.

Not long after, we met the others back at the car and drove home so that Mike could prepare one of his specialties:  chicken pie.  It was delicious!  Obviously I taught him well!

Another relaxing evening….Mike working on a pencil drawing, Jackie catching up on some lessons for the marketing course she’s taking, Bonnie reading and me continuing the preparation of a financial statement for a GTCCC (Greater Toronto Council of Camera Clubs) meeting that I’ll miss tomorrow night.

All-in-all, another fine, sunny, warm, interesting, fun day in The Lakes.

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