Day 8 – A Full Day at Sea

Our plan for the day was pretty much relaxation, although I did start it with 6 laps around the Promenade Deck, so 1.5 miles.  I went back to the room to pick up Bonnie for breakfast, again on the Lido Deck.  G & N had breakfast ordered to their room, but they joined us after.  Bonnie and Nancy had reserved a spa treatment for 10:30, which Geoff and I just relaxed by the pool.  When the ladies returned, we had lunch from the buffet.  Bonnie and Nancy went off to do some shopping and ended up collecting a couple of glasses of champagne at the Art Auction.

They weren’t back with his for long before they both went to put their bathing suits on.  We all relaxed on chaise lounges until it was time to get ready for dinner.  Before doing that, I did another 6 laps around the Promenade Deck.  The Captain had made an announcement that our speed would be reduced as we went through an area where Right Wales were known to be.  As I walked around the deck, I saw some in the distance, barely surfacing and blowing.  Back to the room for a shower and get ready for dinner.

Since it was our final day at sea, we decided to enjoy our final dinner at table 22, in the Rotterdam dining room.  The menu was quite good again and we all enjoyed our meals.  The dining experience had improved considerable from the 1st night.  Nancy and I ordered the Baked Alaska for dessert.  It didn’t come to the table flaming, but it was quite good.

After dinner we went back to G & N’s room for the final night cap of the trip.  We went next door to our room about 9:30 to get our suitcases packed and out in the corridor before midnight.  We were done by 10:30, set the alarm and that was it for the day.

The Captain had been true to his work:  a perfect day for cruising with the temperature in the mid-20’s and no more than 1 meter swells.

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