Day 7 – Farewell Bermuda …. Out to Sea!

For whatever reason, I woke up early, before 5:00.  I tried to get back to sleep, but no such luck.  I finally quite fighting it about 5:40, got up and dressed then headed down to the 6th deck, the Promenade deck for a good walk:  4 laps = 1 mile.  As I walked, I enjoyed a beautiful sunrise, with big white clouds and the 3/4 moon perfectly reflected in the mirror-like water in the harbour.  I lost track of how many laps I did, but the monitor on my cell phone said that I had gone about 8,300 steps, about 4.25 miles.  Tea time!  I headed up to the Lido deck, got settled with a cup of tea, pulled my laptop out of my bag and continued working on this blog.

When I arrived back in the room about 7:45, Bonnie was awake and had been for a while.  We both had a shower while waiting for our breakfast, which arrived about 8:45.  Yet again we got tea with water from a carafe that had been used for coffee, so back we went to the Lido deck for tea.

With one more chance to shop, we disembarked and went to look for a hat that I had considered buying our first day here.  After careful consideration and narrowing my choice down to 2 hats, I decided against either one, but did pick out a t-shirt.  Back on the ship, we met up with G & N for lunch on the Lido deck, where we stayed for several hours.

The ship departed Hamilton on schedule at 12:30, our farewell departure marked by pipers on the dock and a few loud blasts of the ship’s horn.  It was a beautiful day for sailing – bright blue skies, sunshine and a calm ocean.  The Captain had announced that the voyage back would be smooth sailing.

The Pipers

The Pipers

Happy Hour - Geoff & Nancy Happy Hour - Leif & Bonnie







After happy hour on the balcony, we got ready for dinner in the Rotterdam Dining Room, following by the Music and Dancing show in the theatre.  We were all beat, so that was it for the day.  I think we were asleep before 9:30!



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